sir i want to ask which Stone is good or incresed growth my life hole life till end and support me finaclly and mentally,i already wear a panna,ruby and sliver thumb ring and copper ring also. what my stars say according to kundali (Money Fame & Partner). It will bring overall development in life. You should have all sorts or remedial measure for Lagna and Jupiter the Bhagya lord since Jupiter is posited in the 12th house and afflicted by malefic Mars and Saturn. Contact Form -Privacy. You have taken birth in Cancer Ascendant that clearly denotes your ruling planet is Moon. Sir, my name is Alka Jaiswal. Hi Tulsi Such pearl rings will tend to include three of four pearls and other gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies or diamonds. Thanks. Pearl is not your suitable stone. Much appreciated. It will bring more effective and visible result during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon. Pearl, the gemstone for Moon, can be worn in a ring made of silver in your little finger. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone. Place almora district. Use Emerald instead.It will help you all respect. If yes then for how many carats? I have worn yellow sapphire. I was confused about pearl, based on my chart – can i benefit from this? However, steel is not good. Now you know on which finger it is possible to wear such rings you need to think about the other kinds of accessories you can wear with yours. It is a boon for the students who has taken birth in Pisces ascendant. among the list of the positives of wearing a silver ring, the foremost is it really increases your beauty and enhances your personality as it is connected with the planet Jupiter and the Moon. But I am virgo born and it said it is not recommended. It should be properly activated, energized and purified and then worn on the little finger … I am extremely thankful to you for informing me about the shortcomings in the site. However, it is very important that you should always have astrological consultation before using this sacred gem to reap maximum benefits. My dob is 11/11/1981 time 10.20 am. Hence, I strongly recommend you to go for Blue Sapphire (Neelam) at least 5 Rati with silver in middle finger on Saturday. Can you please advice hi husbands d.o.b is 16th may 1981 time of birth is 7:12 pm. Therefore, you can use a white pearl throughout the life. thru mail or phone regarding my horoscope. The weight should be less than one "Mithqaal" - as mentioned in the narration of Sunan Abi Dawood after forbidding a ring made of brass and another made of iron, he (peace and blessings be upon him) said, We at BetterMe want everyone to know and experience true love. In general, everyone can wear it as an ornament. Sir, I was a top guy in my cls….. but now suddenly i keep failing….. would u pls suggest me which gemstones are beneficial for me? TOB: 06:02 am 1321 Upland Dr. #1300Houston Texas, 77043, Copyright © 2021 PearlsOnly™. finger but no result can be seen as more than six months had passed m wearing sunela and red coral. I have bought pearl ring, can i wear it and how to wear it? Dear Vinayak, Wear 5 carats with silver in little finger on Monday. Sir can you guide me what remedies should I follow. Few points I would like to explain here about what benefits the pearl brings in your life. These, of course, are a mixture of pearls and other gemstones that have been set in a row or cluster. Thankyou. Wearing the gold ring on index finger enhances concentration. Sir thanks allot .i really pleased by your suggestions . Plus the actual size of the pearl ring settings will have an effect on what finger you should wear them. Would also like to know how will it benefit me. Please let me know if I can wear a pearl and a moonstone together as a pendant by which I will be blessed with good fortune and get rid of all negativity and get mor confidence. Viren soni. Hence, I suggest you to use Diamond 1 carat with silver or white gold. Can you please give me confirmation about it? You have not mentioned place of birth of your husband. Let’s me explain in details. I don’t see place of birth. Regards, Use Red Coral 5 carats along with White Pearl carats at least with silver in little finger. To let the ring stand out wear a simple gold or silver chain necklace and a pair of either gold or silver earrings as these will help to tie your whole outfit together. Should I wear pearls and will it be good for me? Offer Shiva- Parvati flowers, rice and fragrance of incense sticks while chanting mantra for Chandra(Moon)- Om Sram Srim Sraum Sah Chandramase Namah-108 times to energize the ring. with certification …. Generally, high quality Yellow Sapphire does not be available with the price that the Amazon offering you. aries ascendant Hello sir, my name is Jasdeep Kaur ,dob is 23 november,1994 place of birth is hanumangarh , rajasthan . I will surely write an article about the planet in Bhava chart and changing result out of it in near future. Hi Ram, your suitable and lucky stone is Dimond. The main pearl ring astrology benefits of wearing this piece of jewelry on the little finger is that it is believed to bring peace and calmness to the wearer. Hi Dinesh Hi Rahul, The pearl is not your lucky stone. As per rules of Vedic astrology you can wear Moti (White pearl). Certain implementations and Knowledge like wearing a red Coral in the middle finger during challenging Saturn periods or wearing a White coral and Natural Pearl for a debilitated Moon or changing of hand due to exceptional combinations created by retrograde planets or wearing mutually inimical gemstones due to unique planetary positions is very special knowledge capable of creating … It seems the mail ID is misspelled and the mail got returned. I advise to use pearl during this period of Moon as Moon is posited in own sign and you belong to Kark Rashi. Also I am wearing an iron kada and not steel ….. Hi Arjit, the certificate will always say if it is a Yellow Sapphire be it high quality or low quality. 13th February 1984 Hence, it is extremely important to energize Jupiter. The result of the pearl can be manifold if it is worn along with Red Coral the gemstone of Mars the lord of ascendant. I am wearing pearl in ring fingure. The weight of the Pearl gemstone should not be less than 5 Carats. Use Red Coral at least 7 carats with gold in the ring finger on Tuesday. It can be worn as a ring in the right hand’s small finger … However, the computer can’t determine the quality of the Yellow Sapphire. Please advice. Hence, your life stone is Pearl that you can wear throughout life. Too much debts. The two partners can redouble the love and affection. Hence, you should avoid wearing the pearl at all circumstances. Hi Meenu, wearing Yellow Sapphire together with Moti is beneficial to you. You have not given the birth city or nearest city where you were born. & I Have Mars In 1st House in Cancer DOB – 21/03/1987 time – midnight (00:00) One of our family Pandit advise me to wear 12 ratti pearl for whole life, because my rashi swami is Chandrma. Some believe that it is recommended to increase memory and make the brain balanced. Hence, it will no longer be working. How to use gemstone according to birth date (Numbers and gemstone), Kaal Sarp Dosh – Troubled life, Hardship and Remedial Measures in Astrology, How to offer water to Sun God (Lord Surya), 11 Highly Dangerous Graha Dosh That You Must Not Ignore. What is the place of birth of your husband? However, it can be worn during the major period and sub-period of the planet Moon if it is placed in its own or exalted sign. Gold earrings are … It should be at least 7 carats. Then the ring should be worshiped with flowers and incense stick. It should be worn on Monday. If not pearl please suggest a gemstone that can aid me in achieving my goal. My DOB is 26/11/1968, time between 8:10 – 8:15am, Bhopal, MP, India. You should wear it either as a pendant or ring/little finger. An astrologer also recommended it to me in the past. Now, I would like to suggest you if pearl is beneficial to you and you can get benefits out of it. 10:48pm or 12:48am confused between the two I Have Cancer Ascendant! The planet Venus is also the lord of 9th (fate and fortune).

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