Most Australians love the sun and longer daylight hours of summer to play outdoors. The Mushrrom Shed, who are based in Montmorency, sell their seedlings at Eltham Farmers’ Market and other farmers’ markets. Hello Guy, Can you please also email the spread sheet of theplanting guide. The reason that I recommended to Nat that she avoid brassicas is because some are difficult to grow. This has happened every year for the last 10 years. Any help would be much appreciated thank you. Thanks for your comment. I love this guide, it is so helpful. You don’t want the netting to rest on the plants, because the moths can then lay their eggs through it, so use some sort of wooden or plastic structure upon which to rest the netting. Are there any specific varieties that grow well in Melbourne? I’m also about to start a new garden from totally scratch – a building site where there has never been a garden, just compacted parking so it is going to be a real challenge to get the soil happy and start to plan layout.Your chart and advice will be a big help – I’m certainly going to need it. Jodie I found planting white violas and petunias next to my brassicas and regularly picking of the eggs worked so well! The cooler weather means it time plant a variety of herbs, spinach and bok choy. I think your chart is fantastic so could you please send me a xl or pdf of it. Hi, could this planting guide be used for the Wimmera / Horsham? Spring onions A pdf version of the chart is available at They are just the size of a finger. Also, I have a problem with slaters eating my capsicum and millipedes curling up in the top of my sweetcorn. Welcome to the Summer Vegetable Garden Planting Guide. I don’t think winter is a very good time to grow spring onions. Spreadsheet sent. Cooking or salad? Autumn Vegetable Planting Guide for Melbourne Winter is a great time for growing some vegetables and you plant them out in Autumn Hi Guy, I am a newbie to gardening. Can I grow tomatoes in the same place year on year? Autumn is a time to enjoy the last of the warmer weather in the garden, and often to be removing summer crops. The seeds were sown about three weeks ago. Your wish is my command! I have been struggling to find the dosage rates for a plltet fertilizer i was gifted. Best wishes Vanessa. YES, Also any tips guidance to growing Figs, kaffir lime and baby capsicum? I only use rain water and seasol after I prepared the beds with sheep, cow and chicken manure in varying amounts. I have just planted cabbage and cauliflower seedlings, amongst a few other things (I’m very new to veggie growing!). Rosemary, thyme and sage are good together as they don’t like too much water. We’ve moved house so I’m starting the whole garden from scratch and planning rather than haphazardly throwing anything in anywhere at anytime (albeit with reasonable success :o), Hi Guy, I totally agree with Kim that this is a fabulous chart and I’d love an excel copy too. Tomato seedlings are great in pots but don’t get them until late October/early November. I have no open space but room for pots. For success in growing vegetables it is important to time the planting of seeds and seedlings to take advantage of seasonal conditions most favourable for their growth. Could you please send me a version where I could view a larger version. have created a vegetable garden planting guide for each of the seasons, specifically for Melbourne and There’s quite a bit of information on Youtube. I would suggest that you start with compost and then add soil (plus fertiliser or manure) in the second year. I live in Swan Hill, North Western Vic. Reading this comment you mention avoiding brassicas and planting mustard greens, but I noticed that on the chart, mustard greens are listed as brassicas. As Guy said, tomatoes and basil grow well together, basil protects tomatoes and they go well on your plate together too. Would you be able to send an XL version of this file? All the best . If in doubt, use less rather than more. I think this chart will be pretty close for here. You could plant any of the veggies that have a red circle in the February column or, even better given the current weather, wait a month or so and then choose from those that have a red circle in the March column. Planting vegetables that grow under the soil ensures that they are toasty even during a possible frost. Am i supposed to cut them out now, or let them continue? As a general principle, I would not use more than 1/3 compost in pots. image[9] = '10.jpg'; It is not the only months that plantings are possible – just the best months. We welcome you to Contact Us online or phone Greg on 0431 382 230 with your enquiry today. Can anyone help please . Good easy guide and love my homegrown produce. So, either make, or buy, some decoys – just white butterfly shapes on sticks. I really appreciate your insight, thank you. The current month is highlighted within a green rectangle. You can buy innoculated grain spawn, or syringes or ready made kits from various companies. When the moon, sun and Earth align, that’s when we see the biggest tides, and that’s at the new and full moon. … I have bought a veggie box (about 2m x 1m). Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and resources. I’d love to know any hints, tips and tricks for growing in pots. Yes, the chart is fine for the Western suburbs. The problem with compost is that it disappears over time so each year you have to add more. This guide is suitable for Tasmanian and cool-climate conditions. They need a humid, well-ventilated environment to produce the mushrooms, but when the mycellium is first colonising the substrate, it can be in a cupboard or under the couch etc.

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