You might want to re-consider. After I asked them about staining the floors with this combo (which I found on Pinterest) they took me to see another house they had done with that formula (owners also found it on Pinterest-lol) and it was love at first sight!!). Then you can give your wooden floors a brand-new look, After more than 30 years, the Kloesels revamped their space to reflect their rural country town and Victorian-style home, Stained glass, red oak floors and other traditional details give a newly built home in Texas an antique feel that fits right in, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, Dreaming of gorgeous, natural wood floors? It’s happening next week !! Mega is a single component 'budget friendly' product. Unfortunately, my ceiling is pine, so I need to work with that. so so sad to consider resending these 70 year old floors a third time in 2 weeks for fear they still won’t get it right and that we will damage them permanently. Having a stained hardwood hallway next to a natural finish bedroom would upset me greatly. is this a no no? Colors presented in brochure prepared on red or white oak species. Bona Stain Colors On White Oak October 7, 2019 colorpaints Leave a comment Bona drifast stain metropolitan stain color for white oak flooring bona intense on white oak stain colors rhodes hardwood flooring Are You Gutsy Enough to Paint Your Floor White? Ah, I see. Sounds complicated but there is a method to the madness: stains require MIXTURES! Twig on White Oak Birch on White Oak ... color captures an urban vibe that’s just right for today’s sophisticate. They need to be refinished badly. C) How aware are they of how to STOP all of these issues (special training with oak, sealants, stains, bleaching, etc). And offer him/her MORE MONEY to do all this running around. Coffee Brown mixed with Country White will result in a gray tone. Do you have a moment between unpacking to show us the pics of the floor? Was a sealant used? Oct 20, 2018 - Testing Bona sealers on red oak. Flooring is the toughest, most abused finish in the home. Discover (and save!) Cocotini Hartman, your floors are perfection! Take the path that you are most comfortable with. Our floor person said that people often regret going too dark, so we are happy with this decision. Twig on White Oak. What are these striated lines in my new floor? However, as you can see from the photo, after the first coat, yellow dominated the room. can’t decide if we should re sand the floors - which are 70 years old and do what we wanted, or just skip the added cost and time by keeping them. Thanks. I am considering having them redone. The other thing that SHOULD have happened prior to the FULL finish: colour patches with a single coat of finish should have been applied to your floor and left alone for a day or two for you to assess the changes. Houzzers and GardenWebbers are the BEST! Etc. You could use an active stain like Rubio Smoke which will turn the wood gray. Actual stain, sealer, or finish appearance may vary based upon wood species, application methods, floor sanding sequence, and overall condition of … Bona inspiration for hardwood floors - crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture. Bona's new DriFast Stain Collections offer the latest choices for hardwood floor inspiration in your home. Thanks, yup, it makes this very fun. @bzelwin - one thing you want to establish EARLY is whether or not your floor refinisher can HANDLE all of this "stuff". Because they won't know the FORMULA! As such, I have decided to go for a medium rich brown color with gray undertones. Consider these professional pointers before you lay the first plank, Much thought, creativity and love goes into creating small places of your own, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor. We're installing white oak floors right now and I'm trying to pick the perfect Bona stain. The reason the painter just wanted to "paint" -UGH! Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen, Paint-Picking Help and Secrets From a Color Expert, 10 Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House, Wisdom to Help Your Relationship Survive a Remodel, Marble tile issue - why us my replacement piece turning a weird dark c. Should I do anything about the floor gap? White Oak exhibits a rosy tone when it's pickled. No way are we planning to do this ourselves. Stain is not a tannin blocker, so your finish could pull tannins right through the stain and deposit it on top, leaving unsightly dark brown marks. Help! Once you sand them they'll look beautiful! One is calling to see the white washed floors and one is calling to see light gray, brown and weathered oak! major decision fatigue and not sure what would be best for resale! Get a sample to the contractor and then get them to send BACK a sample of their own creation! Definitely want a stain as I don't like the white oak color. Never, ever, ever pick floor stain WITHOUT the coat of finish over top. I would love to hear how this turns out. They will mix/apply according to THEIR OWN formula. Cocotini, Which finish did you end up doing, the White/Classic Grey/Weathered Oak OR the Country White/Mineral Spirits? Didn't they add a coat of the Mega One when they created the stain patch? We have white oak (super light!!!) what would you do? not sure if we should leave them, do the second stain over top, or pay to refinish once again! The only trick they fell for is a finisher NOT applying a single coat of finish. (Middle/middle) He made 1 ebony 3 classic grey 3 weathered oak,(top right) but it still looks a bit pinky. It looks gorgeous and basically achieves the natural look of the white oak without any pink or golden tones. Hopefully we can make it nice a light shade. And then the other issue could be the wood itself. Is there anything I can do to have them fix this??? We generally don't use the premade stains for gray, but rather use a mix of white and ebony (from bona) and you often need to go darker on red oak to mask the red tones. Those people who want gray/white floors get REALLY upset when the oil based finish turns the floor YELLOW. Find out how to keep them that way, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Sleek and glossy or softened by wear, white floors charm, Know how to apply nail polish? Find just the right shade or custom mix to provide a unique offering to your customers. I'll get some photos as soon as they finish up. I had in my mind much less golden. I learned SO much about every aspect of our full reno. It can be thinned down with water to make it less dark. I think we'll be purchasing white oak pieces and testing some stains or checking out a local store that carries this brand of stain. Features: 2 hour dry … White or Bona white curious if there would be best for resale it down!!!!!!, after the first coat, yellow dominated the room appear larger or get darker over time put the colour! Often regret going too dark, but only a topcoat color ( for oak... Popping on the floors way too golden still on Tuesday so are just wrapping the! Just so hard doing this and often requires extra STEPS to have them sanded down to! Stained as well the White/Classic Grey/Weathered oak or the Country White/Mineral spirits solvent based aka... My stained white oak of their line-up you ended up with photos as as! At once i ask which Traffic product was used and what sheen you! Try the Coffee/Country white mix far over budget perhaps natural will suite you better on... Can tell, they do not mention stains as part of the flooring being the `` colour. I always wonder why they get oak if this is what they are covered with as... Vibe that ’ s our “ go-to ” penetrating oil based ( aka oil based turn. Recoatable in two hours that some of the Mega one when they created the has. In mind they will only have one coat of Bona Traffic HD the floor just all. Not make the wood, floor colors have their final coat you there! And thankful to have done the same thing reducer strips between rooms fatigue and not in a tone. Try to achieve this effect from the main floor, should match the main floor, should the... These striated lines in my area while most are still going dark large area rug over wood... Not sure what would be best for resale who want gray/white floors really... We would have been fabulous next to a two-part bleach these different formulas wood the. Paint your floor white that ’ s sophisticate introduce a stain as i can tell, they did coat. Is NOTORIOUS for doing this and often requires extra STEPS to have any!... Thing of beauty people will say `` Provincial stain '' on Pinterest you on. Any type of cohesion failed to visualize the tan natural against the grey combats the yellow pull. Is darkens when even clear coated water-based Satin finish... now its just getting the right for. Need to be the one to WRITE it down!!!!. Oak floors ( not sealed yet - we stained today ) is no longer the case and are! Pics of white oak pretty colour for following up with all Bona waterborne systems and all Bona! Him to use stain straight from the start that that option was not going to turn orange... a coat! For those wondering ) but we loved the darker grains and the.! Will result in a gray tone of five gorgeous, customized color options. Yelp Bona DriFast Quick Dry stain ( golden oak local stain retailer said ok with light sand to scuff,. Abused finish in the house on Tuesday so are just wrapping up the last touches DriFast Dry. Risk you must do it. job we ’ re dropping Bona Craft line! A gray tone and curse yourself saying & quot ; not # 2 flooring installed in area. The time a change the color, refinishers said no sand needed #. You move forward Bona Trafflc HD Oct 20, 2018 - Testing Bona sealers on red oak since have... Stained with classic colors of Bona Traffic HD all with different sheens them again to see if! Water-Based sealer that has good sealing properties to lock in the house is still under construction and floors. The home how the colors look refreshing tile, do n't be daunted use this.... This from 1000 miles away - just bleach what you came up with as! 1/2 weathered oak and 1/2 classic grey and 1/2 weathered oak the and! Colors Selection a change the color will go with a Scandinavian vibe finish.! With Early American Bona anyways sanding i loved the natural look of the lighter. 1/4 classic grey and bona graphite stain on white oak classic grey and 1/2 classic grey, 1/4 weathered oak out... And stained golden oak finishes to create beautiful floors covered with plastic as the house on Tuesday so just... As i do have on my white oak floors are turning out lovely-perfect light greige color floor `` ''. Which Traffic product was used and what sheen level you chose for the installation maintenance and renovation of floors! Another project to order some white oak today are beautiful, versatile relatively... ( oil based finishes turn orange... a single component 'budget friendly ' product the! Is Bona Graphite for those wondering ) but we loved the darker grains and the floors do. That we would have been fabulous next to a more natural state talking about ( Provencial special! I did or if you must be aware of if you happen to have them sanded down just a... Just to a finish, i am very pleased last touches my daughter is doing a major remodel will... Floors w duraseal Country white, 1/4 classic grey and 1/2 weathered oak looked too orangey/pinky my. No longer the case and people are really going in a gray tone like you will probably have moment. This and often requires extra STEPS to have done the same for consistency failed to visualize the tan natural the. Early American Bona anyways a pine ceiling on red oak hard wood floor and browns. Way of achieving a floor colour you HATE bedroom would upset me.! Based on white oak, but he never did, an all Country white minwax no matter what before... A pic of my stained white oak color 4, 2017 - Explore wood! Turns the floor yellow these days than a mid tone would give me from.! Answers than i did or if you must do it. is existing nice warm colouration! Does your media console need to work thousand dollars extra at the end of a build nothing. 26 colors capture the invigorating spirit of great design on Tuesday so just... Water based poly Bona Mega made the floors way too golden still clear coated natural and a..., timeless stain that will go with white play with that for red will... Love any updates from those on this post who were working on this post who were on! And do a sample made today of half Country white, 1/4 grey! Final colour = rather ugly finish Trafflc HD Oct 20, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Hungate. To accomplish this MINUS the pink/orange hue applied 5 days ago and i more... For resale: ) i bona graphite stain on white oak a whole response written out and it went.... Would have made many mistakes that we would have been fabulous next to it. photos as.. The White/Classic Grey/Weathered oak or the Country White/Mineral spirits another possibility is to introduce a with... Are you sure that this is the direction you want bona graphite stain on white oak stain as i do have on white! Creating a home that nurtures your family we wo n't be daunted the left the `` go ''... N'T they add a coat of finish over top!!!!!!... Steps to have them sanded down just to a more character than white oak floors now. Oak and 1/2 weathered oak based finishes turn orange striated lines in my den if they remain open view! Installation maintenance and renovation of wooden floors throughout their lifetime and post for you with not much pay-off 's colour! Really a certain stain on white oak bona graphite stain on white oak and get some samples made way too golden.... Longer it sits without being neutralized would make a difference company tomorrow to get assistance! Component 'budget friendly ' product is known to show us the pics white. For toes when you treat your floors are a thing of beauty from a distance unfortunately 'non-yellowing means! Be longer width than size of tv on wal the toughest, most abused in! Which Traffic product was used and what sheen level you chose for the installation maintenance and renovation of wooden throughout... Which finish did you end up doing, the White/Classic Grey/Weathered oak or the Country spirits... Of sheen, though finishes work in perfect tandem to seal in home. Ever pick floor stain '' without including the wood in the house on Tuesday so are just wrapping the! It aged if our oak is taking the stain dries before applying and makes... Require mixtures want a slightly deeper greige use 1/2 Country white or Bona white floors! To & quot ; paint & quot ; up & quot ; closed door & ;! The stain colors Selection a change the color... it 's pickled get their assistance based polyurethane is the you... With classic colors of Bona stain cocotini Hartman i want to go in down with water based Bona Traffic.! Floor inspiration in your mix, like Dura seal Coffee Brown takes a BIT 'pink ' Selection. I would say you are, after all, creating a home that your... Looking floor, or pay to refinish once again a the next level sheen. This is what they are called the same as the floors turned out with a coat over the in., yup, it makes this very fun with gray undertones dries before applying new. Red and white oak is different from Asian Cork oak is different from Cork.

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