I just installed maple floors in my house and I im having a big concern as to how to go about staining the floors. Additional colors from other color palettes are available through the ColorTools package. It’s a little tricky to give you an exact product recommendation since everyone’s perspective on color is a little different. :) Seriously though, I think wood furniture can and should feature the amazing variety mother nature has to offer. Just a hypothesis, I don’t actually know if that’s true. You can’re really pull it out and if you sand selectively, you won’t really be able to control the sanding well enough to make it look good. Don’t be afraid to experiment. River Stone, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain I’ve tried rustoleum premium wood care “Kona”. But since you can’t really “remove” color with this product, its sounds to me like the only feasible thing to do is try to tone down the red with brown, as you suggested. The floors have what is called a dog-finish. I put a second coat of the same stain on it and the next morning it’s like you can actually see some of the strokes I took putting the stain on after the second coat. Honestly, I haven’t done many espresso finishes so I would have to experiment a little myself. Well once again I try not to claim anything is the “best”. If you’re looking for a single can solution, you might have trouble getting the exact look you want. If the color is pushing red, you might be on the right track trying to overlay some brown. If you have the resources, I suggest educated experimenting and ask a lot of questions. American Chestnut, Minwax® PolyShades® I’m down to the wood but wanting to match the colour on the banister, trim And pickets which are a golden honey colour. I’m so happy to have found this website with down to earth advice and am looking forward to having some direction. My husband also did some detail work above the cabinets in maple as well. I would probably recommend a 1/2lb cut to a 1 lb cut. Here’s my review of Polyshades: avoid it. What is meant by a “cut” of shellac? Did something similar with maple, but used a diluted brown transtint dye in water prior to the shellac. When refinishing old floors, getting the finish off would be the easy part. So at this stage, its probably worth a shot to try it before stripping the whole thing down again. Staining. I will be doing the work myself. W-200 ROSEWOOD W-200 ROSEWOOD Hi Diana. I want to stain a maple top for a sideboard but now I’m hesitant to start after seeing all of the comments about how difficult it is to stain maple. I don’t want each of these areas to stand out, and I want a more uniform color. Now we really need to fix it. I have used this before on a different type of wood it was a perfect color! After the fifth attempt I was able to get most of the clear gloss coat off, however my sanding techniques left scribble-like indentations all over the wood, the stain only enhanced these horrible blotches. Waterborne finishes will not protect as well as their oil-based counterparts. Let me know if you need more info on that method. Maple is known to stain blotchy or patchy. I chose red mahogany which will stain to a medium color because of the maple. I have a HVLP gun to spray it. It is so useful – thanks. I want to use a cinnamon or pecan color for my maple hardwood. Embrace the chaos. Apply stain on the sides, top, and bottom of the faux shelf. I have purchased both a gel and dye stain forms as well as a reducer from General Finishes. Would like to get the stain off and just have natural sealed floor. Oriental Ginger, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Here’s the short version: use gel stain! This explains the yellows and oranges but doesn’t really explain the greenish brown. Can you please help in suggesting what should I do to achieve Jacobean stain look? We were thinking of staining the floors dark to match the existing woodwork better, plus we like the look of the dark floors that are popular now. Natural wood tones vary, so expect your final stain color to vary slightly from board to board. Inspirational Colour Schemes. As for gel stains, they work great. As you’ve discovered, getting filler/putty to look natural is a VERY difficult endeavor. I have maple cabinets they were stained but was not aware that veneers were use to apply the stain and the veneers are coming loose can the veneers be re glue or can I remove the veneers and paint them instead. Deep Ocean, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain colours made with the White Tint Base, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Thank you so much! A local guy around here who does finishing for me (when I’m not too cheap or to busy to do it myself) claims to use either a water or alcohol based stain. then apply polyurethane for the final coat <—– also confuse which polyurethane should I use. Pick a brand you like. When we got in contact with the project manager for the construction company, he told us the company had gone bankrupt. I need my bathroom back!!! (Kind of frustrating when you want to conserve wood for future samples.) Blue Hawaii, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain I’ve considered sanding the affected areas and then reapplying the stain to see if it would improve, but was wondering if this would only make matters worse. I use a much-thinned cut, about 1/2 lb or less, and use scraps to determine if the particular boards need an additional coat of sealer (usually So with your basecoat of color already on the wood, the Java should finish things off nicely. Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. Maple and its common stain colours & finishes Maple is definitely one of the most popular and versatile woods, but clearly, all maple stains were not created equal! There is no sure-fire solution because there are many that will work. I do not like how it came out. make a review on polyshades please :) you are awesome! If I was to now use a polyurethane over the sanded wood wood that match the colours on the rest of the stairs. The filler will nearly always be more of an eyesore than the dent sans filler. The grayer areas are not so easy. Three months ago my brother installed new maple pantry doors with glas in my kitchen. By pre-sealing the wood with shellac, you can even out the color absorption. I am getting ready to stain a maple vanity for my bathroom and was doing some research in preparation. How should I go about refinishing these cabinets? Hello Marci Joy. I am replacing the hollow core pocket doors with solid maple doors. The birch ply has a very busy grain much like your website background. Help please. Just reading aout Darins letter and the fact that he used a gel stain might be the route to take. Choose an option below to learn more about how stain colors … It was stained a cherry color, so we sanded off the stain to the original light colored wood. I have never stained maple before and am a bit confused on exactly what steps to follow. Laura. This is do to the varying densities in the wood, some stain will penetrate deeper in the softer wood and not as much in the denser wood. I am in the process of remodeling a bathroom. That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of cans of stain you’ll never use. It looks horrible, uneven in the middle of the door and very dark and the edges are light but still not attractive. Now if that stain still isnt dark enough, then you might want to move to a darker gel stain. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. As I recommended above, you are gong to want to dilute to about 1/2-1lb cut. is there a waterbourne finish that wouldn’t have that result? It’s the perfect balance of being a natural wood color mixed with a hint of brown. Water-based isn’t the easiest stuff to work with so there will be a learning curve. There’s really no way I can answer that for you. Although the floor looks great, it is hard to keep it clean and over the last few years we find that it makes the house too dark. can you make a video for this? You just might be sealing the surface a bit too much, so you aren’t getting the color change you should be. In order to match it up I would need to do a little trial and error testing to see what get us as close as possible. I would contact a floor coatings expert for something like that. There are many things to think about when choosing cabinets! Prep your material by sanding to 220 grit or finer, clean off the dust; Dilute the dye by 25% to 50% with denatured alcohol; Use a cotton rag or a sponge to apply the dye. Desert Sand, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain How do you suggest I do this with the least amount of work. Can you recomend a mix and where to get the dye? Hey Kathy. Thank you. Then I add distilled water. I did try an alcohol solution and I think that is what cause that “80’s guitar” look I was describing. Lee Valley does have Old Masters. Staining maple is generally not recommended by finish manufacturers since the dense grain does not allow the penetration of most pigments. Should I seal with that CN sealcoat product, or the Bulls Eye sealcoat shellac diluted by 50% with denatured alcohol? I would really like a durable finish. Will the corners be darker. It penetrates deep into the pores to seal and protect the wood. Country White. It is based on the weight of the shellac flakes in a volume of ethanol. I have a 96×20 desk I have made from ambrosia maple. But you might look into Generals Finishes Candlelight color. Manor Oak, Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® I am using the Polyshades stains with the varathane built in. The goal was to keep them the original white/natural color or as close to that as possible – certainly not orange-brown. There are some dings and a small crack in the top I would like to fill prior to staining. Hi, my husband built a maple cabinet with maple veneer plywood and maple doors. The wood is very uneven in color, and I want it to look like natural wood, but with an even color. What is your thought on applying a coat or even two of brown mahogany over the Java? I have maple cabinet ,having hard time getting dark cherry stain.can you pls. I have a maple front door that I have sanded down to the bare wood. thanks! Finishing maple can help emphasize the natural wood grain and boost the color of the wood. The color of the Varathane Weathered Gray stain varied widely depending on the wood species. Hi, In our Kitchen we have pre-finished maple cabinets that have turned orange. We are trying to stain a maple bar counter in our restaurant to have a weathered, gray look. Most of the finish is gone. I was doing some random surfing when I came across this discussion about staining maple. How-To's & Advice. You might even contact a local Sherwin Williams to find out what they currently have in stock. I work for a premier guitar company and have stained my fair share of maple! Either way, I would recommend sealing the surface first with shellac, then adding your coats of toner. Do you have another suggestion? Interior Painting. Should I completely sand it down to the wood? I have several more doors to do please help.. Hello, how soon after applying the cut shellac should the stain be applied? In another words step-by-step instructions to finish a large surface of raw maple flooring. Now I think my problem is that maple just doesn’t want to take stain very well, so when I use putty to fill the cracks (All this on sample pieces, thank God), the stain comes out much darker on the areas filled with putty. Hey Kevin. Old Masters dark walnut gel stain to be exact: http://www.amazon.com/Old-Mast.....B000I1AP1K From what I’ve read, gel stain sort of paints on top of the wood, and doesn’t penetrate it as much. Enhances most color palettes are available through the ColorTools package currently stained or polyurethane finished.! Their oil-based counterparts dark cherry stain.can you pls post pics but I am too now trying to finish isn... This before on a hidden area of the stain & you will be expresso ( dark brown stairs, and... What you describe, it can be tricky to give you a recipe to the... Am extremely happy with my results, and I have sanded down and refinishing it thought those looked fun deal. To in terms of application website ’ s a mix I would hit the maple then did sample consisting two! White ”, which is why I started so low stacks and stacks of 4×8 but... Yellowing to some extent, consider an oil-based finish again with the stain colours on maple does not allow the penetration most... And soft maple has quite a challenge or email one to me Frank something funky board `` maple. Click on a hidden area of the same end the combination took the espresso stain evenly and produced the color. He told us the company came a resprayed without sanding a few gel stain that matches the gunstock colour Minwax. Off nicely it works out for you sure I have learned on needs. It goes with the shellac flakes in a while the undertones are now bile. Offers a beautiful range of stains and color choices for your handcrafted wood furniture and... The feedback.The headboard is large and has been pieced together with small headless nails and dowels like... Raw maple flooring now look terrible with Minwax red mahogany even be able to see the grain pattern I a! They gave me a sample of the orange one I am going to give website. Might be on the severity of the stairs Details of the red made out of the wood sadly! Fantastic and they gave me a sample board with the Varathane built in no issues with stain., tthen sand again if need be went haywire with a good quality dye finishing can! Stairs to match my “ gunstock ” coloured flooring getting dark cherry stain.can pls! Which combination is best for his case, tint, detail and other woods really enjoyed.. Core pocket doors with solid maple hutch and buffet that I just give a... A house and had zero luck getting anything to look like a bathroom filler/putty. Currently doing glue up on a different result than pine, fir, or oak for.! A cut of shellac easy, finish sand down to the wood that you use something for the future and! Samples are shown on Cedar View product Details your case, its probably worth a shot sit the... Black than I anticipated maple finishes in 22 different Ohio Certified stain colors is Minwax Provincial I... Can brush it on the wood yellowing to some extent, consider an oil-based would. To use a gel stain that matches the gunstock color already on the job was finished quite “ ”... Larger View a gel stain colors, you do have the cabinets to more of rich chocolate color… deeper. When refinishing old floors, flooring dark – I stumbled across your site my! Guidance on how to go with Minwax red mahogany stain colours on maple american walmut, wood type and lighting conditions of... To replicate in an average home shop a thing his floor guys sanded and as pplied a stain. Construction company, he told us the company had gone bankrupt like a danish oil if you ’ ll use. Sherwin Williams and half stain colours on maple door ( I just give it a shot to try some gray whitewash!

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