It was the official abode of Travancore’s royal family. Thanking Kerala for reposing faith in LDF, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, "We are humbled by the trust and the confidence of the people of Kerala. The BJP has been struggling to get a toehold in Kerala, a state where Christians form about 20 per cent and Muslims about 30 per cent of the 3.5 crore population. CPI (M) is trying to polarise in the name of religion, but ultimately people will be convinced that this is not in the best interests of Kerala. You can take a walk along the blissful Periyar Lake and view the elephants feeding on the water! But it is the best season for a Kerala visit at affordable rates. A visit to a spice farm is really don’t miss and truly provide a delightful experience to tourists. I highly recommend the nature trail through the woods of Aralam and the trip to Dhoni waterfalls. You’ll be spoilt for destinations to choose from. During the rainy season in Kerala, most of the outdoor activities remain closed. The best part about traveling to this state is the great connectivity between different destinations. Here are all the things you’d want to know when you wonder, ‘What Kerala is famous for?’. With that premise, I am sure you have gotten a wholesome picture of why you might want to sign up for an Ayurvedic treatment here. The most famous Ayurveda hospital in Kerala is Kalari Kovilakam, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala and Nagarjuna Ayurveda hospitals respectively. Kerala is a coastal state on the Malabar Coast the southwestern edge of India. This is an intricate dance form, featuring exuberant makeup and delicate moves. The Kerala government has defined programs to take you to various offbeat places away from the tourist maps. Initially, Kerala's success in containing COVID-19 was widely praised both nationally and internationally, Following high number of cases being reported in March, Kerala had, by April 30, reduced the rate of increase of new cases to less than 0.25% per day. Kerala is a State(in India), and not a Nation. It will give you a view of some of the inaccessible rural areas of Kerala as well. It has been a menace in many parts of the country, especially in Kerala… Kathakali the drama based theater performance and varied dance forms like Mohinattam, Koodiyattam, Pathakam, Chkyarkooth – the comedy satire, are all from Kerala. In Kerala, where the Congress eyes a chance but received a jolt in even Christian belts in the recent local body polls, the party is now trying to make amends by reaching out to various Christian leaders. 1. What’s more, these planned trips start from as low a price as Rs.100 ($1.30) per person! Tip: If you are a tea connoisseur, you cannot miss the Kannan Devan Tea museum in Munnar. But if you want to find the detailed Kerala weather report go through the article and read more about Weather in Kerala. Kerala, a southern province in Indian main land is an attractive tourist destination with rich nature attraction. Its pristine nature will baffle you. Barring Kerala, all Covid hotspots see daily cases fall Scientists say that in many of the urban centres, like Delhi, Mumbai or Pune, the disease prevalence, or the proportion of population infected by the virus, has already reached a level from where there will be a … Munnar is one of the offbeat locations, which is still untouched by tourist crowds and presents a thoroughly unsanitized version of nature. No doubt various Ayurveda hospitals of Kerala help people who come with particular treatment needs. It is a small state, constituting only about 1 percent of the total area of the country. Kerala “Gods Own County” is an ideal introduction to travel in India as God has rewarded this thin strip of land hugely with much of pure beauty of nature, rivers, beautiful beaches, wonderful backwaters, fascinating hill stations, rich culture and heritage, imposing art and many more or undeniably offers blend of various features which give very pleasant atmosphere to everyone and relieve or calm down all senses as well as body, soul or mind. They lie exclusively decked with the backwaters, amidst paddy fields and beautiful coconut palms. Houseboat ride is one of the lucrative features that attract tourists to visit Kerala. The cuisine of Kerala, a state in the south of India, is linked to its history, geography, demography and culture. ... By appointing a veteran leader and seasoned politician like Ashok Gehlot, the party high command hopes to iron out the differences. Alongside, Malayali genes had … What is the \'Mallu\' way of life, language and culture, resplendent with its positives and negatives adorning the vibrant strip of land in the south-western corner of India? The place having all modern facilities or generally noted as a moving hotels is truly provides a different or romantic experience to tourists especially honeymoon couples. BENGALURU: Karnataka is set to emulate Kerala in building transit homes for migrant workers. But it is the best season for a Kerala visit at affordable rates. The architecture reflects Kerala’s rich cultural history and features medieval patterns. I often get asked this. For details on where and how you can book a houseboat, click here. You can take a mesmerising drive through these gardens and you will get a slice of peace and beauty. The beautiful and picturesque Kerala hill stations is noted for its rotating hills of Western Ghats, enticing species of birds, flora and fauna, rivers, waterfalls and high ranges that are hub of spice plantations and tea plantations no wonder offers the ultimate spellbinding experience of nature. For an unforgettable beach holiday have a look on Top Beaches of Kerala. Kerala “Home of Ayurveda”, present number of ashrams and rejuvenation or relaxation therapies to tourists by the traditional Ayurveda methods include yoga, meditation, diet, massage and the use of oils for good health and living. You should certainly see these wherever and whenever you get a chance because they are a visual treat. In Kerala … It is one of the perfect places to do some shopping and take memorable souvenirs back home. Wow! One of Kerala's famous attractions is its yummy Kerala cuisine and large spice plantations.The cuisines of Kerala are usually hot and spicy and offer good taste and power and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. No wonder a number of tourism options in this ethically, culturally and geo graphically rich state of Kerala, India makes Kerala a wonderful place to visit and compelled tourists from all over the world to plan a holiday in Kerala. The S.M street or the ‘Sweetmeat Street’ is another thing that Kerala is known for. Kerala, a southern province in Indian main land is an attractive tourist destination with rich nature attraction. Others include Ayurveda rejuvenation resorts which are usually located at beach destinations. This has already been mentioned numerous times, but Kerala’s natural beauty can’t be emphasized enough. Related News … Kerala stretches for about 360 miles along the Malabar Coast, varying in width from roughly 20 to 75 miles. Kerala Fish Ingredients: In a nutshell, you need the fish and ingredients to make the flavorful Kerala Paste- where the important ingredients are curry leaves and tamarind paste.. 1 – 1 1/2 pounds white fish (black cod, sea bass, halibut, mahi-mahi, escolar, ono, wild cod, haddock, etc.) No doubt various challenging dance forms and the martial arts that truly present the original picture of Kerala are mesmerizing. The regions of Munnar, Kochi and Periyar are replete with these plantations. Washing hands properly is known to ward off the bacteria. I hope you have all the answers to the question, ‘What is Kerala famous for?’ after going through this list. Alappuzha, Varkala, Marari, Kannur, Bekal, Kovalam and Fort Kochi are few beaches of Kerala which are the best place for pleasant trip or an enchanting vacation. Kerala stretches for about 360 miles along the Malabar Coast, varying in width from roughly 20 to 75 miles. Kerala is a State(in India), and not a Nation. Šà¶´) is a South Indian pancake dish, made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk, common in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka as well as in Sri Lanka. Like in the case of Covid-19, this infection can be prevented by maintaining proper hygiene. “The Prime Minister is trying to make it look like an international issue to portray himself as the protector of the Christian faith. During the rainy season in Kerala, most of the outdoor activities remain closed. It is a riot of vibrant processions marked by elephant parades and local music. One of the specialities of Kerala is the unique food varieties it boasts of. Festivities carry on for about 10 days, culminating with Thiru Onam which falls on 4th September, 2017. Portuguese traveler Vasco Da Gama had landed here! Amid big revelations in the Kerala gold scam case, the Customs Commissioner writes to the Centre seeking CRPF protection for the office as well as the investigating officers involved in the probe of the case. State bird of Kerala is Hornbill (called 'Vezhaambal' in Malayalam.. zh pronounced like a retroflex 'r') whole filet or pieces-thicker cuts are best here! If you ask the question, “Kerala is famous for which food?” the answer would be, other than the mouth-watering seafood, numerous authentic Indian dishes bursting with flavor, are ready to be hogged on by you! Great to see you all in Kerala. Enticing national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala offer tourists an opportunity to watch the rare creatures like Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, leopard, nilgiri tahr, grizzled giant squirrel, lion-tailed macaque, Indian grey hornbill, great king cobra and many more in their natural habitats. So while planning your wildlife tour doesn’t miss to choose the best Kerala Wildlife Tour Packages. Numerous strands of vermicelli … Idiyappam. Kerala is a part of India you visit because of its … Art forms. Kerala falls in the Southern part of India and has a unique geography. So, don’t be stressed about any sort of communication difficulty with people of this state!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'heyexplorer_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_12',111,'0','0'])); If you want to have a taste of life in its purest form, you have to go to Kerala’s rural parts. Usually in Kerala throughout the year temperature is in between 29ºC and 33ºC, so every season is suitable for sightseeing and exploring the scenic beauty of the state. Kerala Cuisine: Here is a list of 22 Kerala Food that you must try: Puttu and Kadala Curry, Appam with Stew - One of The Most Popular Kerala Food Items Idiyappam Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry) Kerala Prawn Curry Naadan Beef Fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry 20 Best Books to Learn Italian for Beginners & Beyond, ­35 Yummy Korean Snacks You Can Buy Online, 16 Splendid Stargazing Spots in New Zealand, How to Say Hello in Swedish and 19 Other Swedish Greetings, 21 Scrumptious Swedish Desserts to Try at Fika Time. Kerala, southwestern coastal state of India. You can also have an unforgettable time in the pristine golden beaches.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'heyexplorer_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])); Kochi has a rich history – it is believed that numerous Chinese, Arab, Portuguese and Dutch voyagers made their way here. The state with all-natural wonders, cultural and heritage sites, attracts a large number of tourists from all over India and the world too. Our goal is to help make your explorations more meaningful by providing resources for learning languages, understanding cultures, and discovering the best of each destination. August 6, 2020 By Ananta Jaswal Leave a Comment. Having a strong immune system is like having an invisible iron shield protecting the whole body. You can certainly not miss out on the Kowdiar Palace in Trivandrum, too. So before make a plan to search down south and go into Kerala, let’s start with our list on the Top 10 reasons to visit Kerala which clarifies you that you are truly holidaying into piece of paradise. Reply Moreover, Kerala is the place where the highest number of Ayurvedic practitioners in the whole wide world reside! Kerala, southwestern coastal state of India. It is a small state, constituting only about 1 percent of the total area of the country. The move, prompted by reverse migration during the nationwide lockdown, is aimed at providing better living conditions to migrant workers. This is an experience you are bound to cherish forever. I visited last year and it was an amazing experience with my family. Also, Ayurvedic treatments are available at affordable rates during the monsoon season. Responding to his name emerging in the Kerala gold smuggling case, MLA Karat Razack has alleged that this is part of an attempt to falsely implicate him. I feel like Cuba is the most mysterious of all the Caribbean islands, yet, still, it draws people in. And she loves to travel. Tip: Do visit the 14th century built St.Angelo Fort in Kannur, and take a relaxing walk in the Payyamabalam Beach.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'heyexplorer_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',108,'0','0'])); This temple in Thiruvananthapuram is undoubtedly one of the most famous things that Kerala is famous for. As usual, it was Twitter that had all the answers. Also, Ayurvedic treatments are available at affordable rates during the monsoon season. Kerala is a treat for both; peace and thrill-seekers. Kerala beaches are noted as the highest fascinating beaches in the worldare generally encircled with picturesque views, rich white and golden sands, lovely palm trees, natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered bays with the sky-blue sea on the background, refreshing coconut juice, seafood, Ayurveda massage and as well as presents a list of water sports like parasailing, diving, swimming, boating or one can also relax under the sun on the beaches or take a small walk on the beaches. Kerala art and culture which is a heaven for dance, drama and music lovers are really incredible or unique. The places of Kerala like Wayand, Siruvani, Attappadi, Vandiperiyar, Vagamon and Erumeli are noted for the spices. You can look up the exact date of the festival for the year you are planning to make your trip to Kerala! You can also personally witness the various stages involved in tea processing! You will be able to savour the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through folk dances like Kathakali and Mohini Attam, the world’s oldest martial arts form – Kalaripayattu, decorated elephants, flowers, traditional games and elaborate feasts. You will be surprised when you enter these slowly moving barges. Its all-encompassing geography that comprises of serene hill stations and tranquil beaches will mesmerise you. Kerala Fish is most often prepared in coconut-based stews … Suggested Tour : 7 Days Kerala Houseboat Tour. Chillies, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, and asafoetida are all frequently used. The charming and intricately designed architecture is bound to mesmerize you. “Feel at home”, is the idea which allow the tradition called Homestay. She is intensely involved in the Shrek fandom. The style of architecture found in this state differs from the rest of Southern India. Sadya is a feast comprising of almost everything that there is to cover in vegetarian cuisine. Kerala has you covered! Copyright © 2021 • Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions |  Affiliate Disclosure | ContactThe owner of this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As tourists we’re given one version of the country, but I wanted to settle the question of what Cuba is really like… It leans more towards the commercial side and is a large scale supplier of spices internationally! What is it like being a Malayali? The jaw-dropping beauty of the backwaters and hill stations might fall short for you (again, which is not possible). The two ultimate popular backwaters destinations are Alleppey and Kumarakom, where maximum of the tourists book their houseboats. Have also look on most of it unspoilt and more adventurous destinations and Top Wildlife Destinations of Kerala. This is known as the ‘mother of all temple festivals’. Really, it will be a very pleasant feeling of riding or floating together with the waters of Kerala on a hired houseboat with view of green scenery, swinging palm trees, rich green rice fields and much more. In the long run, they will not like this type of politics. Kerala homestay is a belief in which tourists live together with the natives in their own houses and try to get to know about the lifestyle, language, cuisines, religion and every visible feature of the local culture of this land in a best possible way. If you have had too much of the valleys and hill stations (although I don’t believe in such a thing), don’t worry. It is also famous for its charming houseboats, sprawling tea plantations, unique eco-tourism, magnificent architecture, Ayurvedic treatments and unforgettable culinary experiences.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'heyexplorer_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',102,'0','0'])); Kerala is correctly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. Kozhikode also called the ‘City of Sculptures’ has a rich past. Maybe different location next time? Backwaters are one of the attractive points of Kerala. Hey Explorer is a travel and culture magazine for explorers of the world. Other than this, it has numerous scenic spots; the Dutch Palace and Wazhachal Falls being the most popular. It consists of everything from red rice, pickles, side dishes to desserts; all served on a plantain leaf! eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'heyexplorer_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',107,'0','0'])); Tip: Kovalam is popular for the best Ayurvedic retreats in Kerala. Kannur was a famous trading center during the British rule and thus, comprises of several buildings of the colonial past. It records the history and evolution of tea around the region. Appam With Ishtu (Stew) Appam with stew, one of the traditional Kerala dishes is flavoursome and … If someone asks me ‘What Kerala is famous for?’ I certainly never miss out on the beaches. Razack, who won the assembly seat from Koduvally in Kerala's Kozhikode, had contested as an Independent in 2016. So take some time out and explore Ayurveda in Kerala for the best Ayurveda therapies that rejuvenate you. Kerala is famous for its unique geography, tranquil backwaters, unspoiled beaches, art forms and spices. Kerala at a glance is a fact file giving information on the state. These are your best bet when you have had enough of all that Kerala is famous for! You should certainly visit it to witness a great fusion of authentic Chera and Dravidian styles of architecture. These trips will certainly allow you to have an up and close rendezvous with nature. I often get asked this. While cancelling the bail granted by an NIA court in a UAPA case, the Kerala high court made some astounding remarks.

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