Meanwhile, Rukia visits the graves of her deceased friends atop the hill and notes that this is the place where she grew up with her friends. Urahara expresses amusement that they forgot about Ichigo out of all the people they should not forget. Putting a piece of paper in her shihakushō, Rukia prepares to join the other Shinigami, only to suddenly hear Homura's voice stating that she cannot go. As he details how the Hollow eventually took over the consciousness of its host, Urahara notes that it moved onto another host when its current host became debilitated and reveals that it could use its sickle-shaped tentacle during the parasitic stage to shear off its host's memory. Appearing next to Ichigo, Rukia strikes at him. Homura and Shizuku emerge in Hueco Mundo. After he dodges several subsequent attacks, Ichigo jumps into the air and launches a counterattack. When Renji declares that Hihiō Zabimaru can be used for transportation, an annoyed Ichigo asserts that he knows this, to Renji's confusion, and tells him to get going and not mind this. As Ichigo begins to answer, the other doors in the room open, revealing Shinigami standing behind them. Mayuri tells them to not come near him and begins slashing at them while demanding to know what they are trying to do to him. Bleach: Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse, The DiamondDust Rebellion, Another Hyōrinmaru, The Death Trilogy Overture: Death & The Strawberry,, Burīchi: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu. As he curses at this, Komamura activates his Bankai, Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō, leading a frightened Kon to tell Ichigo to get them out of there as Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō swings its blade at them. Meanwhile, a tentacle crashes into Hihiō Zabimaru and is destroyed by it. It was published by Shueisha and released on December 15, 2008 in Japan. When Rukia walks towards them, Homura moves to her and expresses relief that Rukia is alright. When Homura asks Shizuku why he is worried because they are invincible, Shizuku admits that he believes they may have gone too far, prompting Homura to express surprise. As he decodes the note, Ichigo learns that Rukia is returning to Soul Society to take care of some business and will be back soon. Later, Kon calls out and asks if anyone is there. Gekijō-ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu – terzo film d'animazione tratto dalla serie Bleach del 2008; Documentari. Urahara admits that he is right as always and reveals that he came down here to interrogate Mayuri. Homura's Reiatsu expands from the top of the mountain. With multiple streams of ooze approaching them, Hitsugaya releases his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru, and freezes the streams in midair. Renji destroys the Bakudō #63. When Ichigo asks him to open the Senkaimon, Urahara agrees to do so. Elsewhere, as Ichigo and Renji run through the streets of Rukongai, Renji asks Ichigo what they are trying to do here. While Ichigo asserts that Rukia is the reason he is standing here today, Yamamoto demands that Urahara explain what happened to them. Asking Ichigo if he hit his head, Kon reminds Ichigo that he knew Rukia was in danger even when he was in the Human World and he was the only one who remembered her, even when everyone else had forgotten about her. Urahara, arrivato alla Soul Society nonostante il suo esilio, comunica agli Shinigami presenti la sua teoria, secondo la quale ciò che dice Ichigo agli smemorati Shinigami corrisponde a realtà. Expressing surprise at this, Kon asks Ichigo what he is talking about and states Rukia is Rukia as he wonders if Ichigo has lost his mind. As she turns around with her hand on her Zanpakutō, Rukia demands to know who is there and begins to draw her Zanpakutō. Komamura notes that it was as though he belonged here and details how he spoke to Renji as though they had a history together. As Hihiō Zabimaru travels towards him, Renji leaps onto its head and stands on its skull, where he chuckles as Ichigo holds onto the mane and Kon wails. Hanatarō apologizes and states that he probably just imagined it, prompting Ichigo to lean back in exasperation. Electricity crackles up the ropes in Mayuri's laboratory. Moving to him, Rukia slashes at him again, cutting off part of Ichigo's shihakushō. Mente i capitani Shinigami più Urahara e Yoruichi affrontano e sconfiggono il mostro, Ichigo, Renji e Byakuya affrontano Rukia "posseduta". When Yamamoto asks him why he has appeared now, Urahara states that he came here because he sees that they have a crisis happening. Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na wo Yobu A mysterious reiatsu (spiritual particle) explosion occurs in the center of Seireitei in Soul Society, causing it to be destroyed. While Ichigo runs, part of a building appears above him and falls on the structure in front of him, destroying it. Bending down and hugging Homura and Shizuku, Rukia asks if they are alright. Urahara tells Ichigo and Renji to go after them while they handle things here, and when Ichigo is confused by this, he reveals that Rukia is in grave danger. Another building falls towards him before being destroyed by Hihiō Zabimaru, and while Ichigo tells him to watch it, Renji tell him to shut up as Hihiō Zabimaru rams into Ichigo from behind. At the exact same time, a major change overwhelms Kuchiki Rukia, which leaves her losing something important inside. Renji admits his plan is usually not possible. In the past, Byakuya and Hisana walk over a bridge. As Ichigo expresses surprise at this idea, Urahara asks him what his relationship with Rukia is. Asserting that their lives have not ended, Rukia states that death is not an end and reminds Homura and Shizuku that they came back to see her and are a part of her life, which makes her very happy. In the past, the Hollow is torn from the Shinigami's body, which withers and disintegrates. As a Shinigami wonders what it is, the buildings suddenly appear overhead before falling to the ground, where they destroy other buildings on impact while the Shinigami flee. The official film website gives the tagline of "Sayonara, Rukia". Renji tells Ichigo that he will have to do something about Rukia because she is what he came here for as the snakes move towards them. Neanche lui si ricorda più né di Rukia né di Ichigo, ma dà al ragazzo un importante indizio: afferma che Hisana è cresciuta nel quartiere 78 del Rukongai, "Inuzuri". Film Consigliati. I suoi due rapitori la trattano amorevolmente e si scopre che in passato Rukia aveva trovato i due, ancora bambini, e li ha aveva allevati come fossero suoi figli. Fade to Black – film del 2006. Continuing to run along the tentacle, Yoruichi looks back and sees a snake emerge from the tentacle before swallowing Suì-Fēng, whom Yoruichi calls out to. Renji expresses confusion as Zabimaru claims he is intimidated and asks Renji if he has no confidence in them after all this time. Byakuya stands in front of a shrine and looks at a portrait of Hisana Kuchiki. When a giggling 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi lands on his back and greets him, Kenpachi tells her to not fall off and destroys several more tentacles before one bites down on him. Begging her to not listen to them, Homura claims she and Shizuku need Rukia here with them. Appearing next to the flower with Shunpo, Mayuri ecstatically states that he has completed it. Renji activates his Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru. Homura and Shizuku appear in front of Rukia. Confirming this, Komamura reveals that the intruder was wearing a Hollow's mask and his Reiatsu was equivalent to a captain's. Bleach: Memories of Nobody (劇場版BLEACH MEMORIES OF NOBODY Gekijōban Bleach: Memories of Nobody?) Ichigo turns the light on and tells Kon to wake up, and as Kon tells him to leave him alone and asks what he wants, Ichigo takes the crumpled note from him and looks at it. Bleach Original Soundtrack - Fade To Black_B07a Composer - Shiro Sagisu Link To Wallpaper Used - Renji slashes at Ichigo, forcing him to jump back as Zabimaru cuts into the ground before demanding that Renji listen to him because Rukia is in trouble. AKA: Bleach Movie 3, Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name. Revealing that they have begun investigating, Chōjirō details how each of the Gotei 13 has begun deploying inside of the grounds. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dark Reiatsu explodes around Homura and Shizuku. As Ichigo and Renji stare in shock, Rukia takes the vial from the scythe and declares that everyone will disappear before jamming the vial into its flower-like container, causing electricity to crackle as more snakes emerge. Tutti gli Shinigami così si dimenticano della sua esistenza. Destroying the head of one of the snakes, Iba continues to slash at the snake before he is enveloped by the ooze. In the past, a young Homura and Shizuku run indoors on a rainy day, where Rukia dries them off while asking them what they have been doing out there to get so wet. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Rukia admits that she is not sure if it is even possible, but confirms that they will both die if it is not. Removing his Hollow mask, Ichigo asks Hisagi what the problem is and identifies himself, but Hisagi immediately orders the Shinigami to seize him. As the tunnel vanishes, several tentacles burst out of the ground around the remaining Shinigami, who dodge as Hitsugaya activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, and freezes the tentacles. As Homura asks if this is her, Rukia confirms this and reiterates that she is here. The Shinigami wonder what the snake is as Hisagi tells them to get ready, and as the snake attacks, Hisagi leaps into the air and uses Bakudō #62. Ukitake wonders what this might be and Shunsui admits that he would like to know as well because this commotion is keeping him up at night and he is hoping Urahara and Yoruichi will be able to enlighten them. As he runs through the hall, Mayuri trips and falls while Nemu asks him what is wrong, and he begins screaming in horror while telling her to stay away before running to his computer. Rukia reveals that she remembers what happened. Nel laboratorio della 12ª Divisione, Mayuri Kurotsuchi viene attaccato da un misterioso individuo armato di falce e viene rubato un misterioso oggetto. When Kon claims that they were still connected despite what anyone did to try and break this bond, Ichigo narrows his eyes in response.
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