Go … The food was absolutely delicious! Once you have the dress on, you can walk around the palaces. Have some fun at the Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze, Practical information about traveling to Seoul, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Best Hotels in Singapore – With Neighborhood Recommendations and Prices, Why You Should Definitely Add Wakayama City to Your Japan Itinerary, 3 Days in Bangkok – Your Perfect Itinerary (With Prices! The journey takes 22 minutes and the price is 1,450 KRW (US$1.20). A single metro ticket costs 1,150 KRW and you can get them at “Ticket Vending” machine or by using a T-Money card. Seoul is such a unique, colorful city that offers so much – from spicy local dishes to fun theme parks and cultural attractions, its range of activities is perfect to fit any travelers’ preferences and budgets! Check below the amazing activities that you can do in this one of the most glamorous cities in southeast Asia. Your other option is to rent a portable Wi-Fi hotspot if you are traveling with two people or more. The owner did not give me the door code until the moment I landed at the airport. The non-verbal comedy includes acrobatics, magic, pantomime and audience participation. If shopping is not exactly your thing, I still recommend visiting this street. Dynamic Maze is an indoor maze where visitors have to beat challenges and obstacles to reach the finish line! The Changing of the Guard is a popular attraction with hourly viewings, except on Tuesdays when the palace is closed to visitors. Some of the most popular edibles include Crown Butter Waffles, Lotte Biscuit Sticks and Honey Butter Chips. Naengmyeon – literally means “cold noodles” in English, and they are noodles served in a cold soup. Ranking of the top 11 things to do in Seoul. On your trip to Seoul, be sure to visit some of the following museums as you look for things to do in Myeongdong: Bank Of Korea … Teahouses in Seoul provide a nice rest to tired tourists. ), just say “An mepke djusae”. PRO TIP: If you are staying a couple of days in the city, I would first buy samples, try 2 or 3 and figure out the ones your skin likes the most, then buy a huge box of it (it’s cheaper if you buy in big quantities!). Some of these hanoks are used as cultural centers, restaurants, and guest houses so you can go inside and immerse yourself in the traditional Korean culture. Let’s say you have 2 days in Seoul and you want to visit the following attractions: Gyeongbokgung Palace (3,000 KRW) + N Seoul Tower (11,000 KRW) + COEX Aquarium (28,000 KRW) + National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (4,000 KRW) + Seoul City Tour Bus (20,000 KRW) = 66,000 KRW (US$55). 21 of the Best Things to do in Seoul – The Ultimate Guide to South Korea’s Capital 1. You will get masterpieces served on your coffee foam and yummy desserts that complete the afternoon snack! It is heaven on earth for all foodies and shoppers. Another one of the things to do in Seoul while you’re visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace is to dress up in a gatekeeper’s costume. From my experience, I can recommend some good stores to shop for beauty products such as Olive Young, Nature Republic, Banila Co, and Skinfood. It’s a great place for souvenir shopping, too. One of the best places you can go visit to have some fun as well as learn about many interesting things, is at a place called Seoul Grand Park. PRO TIP: Try to book your tickets in advance so you can make it to all the attractions and not just one. The lovely Seoul Sky (an observation deck soaring above you at 500 m) is also located there and it offers a panoramic view of the whole capital; you can enjoy it by day or by night! When the rain is pouring down outside, there’s not a better place to be in Seoul, South Korea than in one of these underground shopping meccas. Some of the city’s biggest bars and craziest nightclubs are located in the area. It has a sweet and savory flavor. Meanwhile Museum 2, made by French architect Jean Nouvel and Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, has modern and contemporary art elements from Korean and international artists. At nearly any hour of the day or night, you can find places to go or shop here. The best SIM card for you is a KT Olleh prepaid 4G SIM Card starting at US$5 for 1 day. Read More: Namdaemun Market In Seoul: Everything You Need To Know. I hear you, and I will try to answer in the most honest way. This large, bustling city has a population of over 10,000,000. My next accommodation was a hotel; I paid almost the same as the Airbnb place but got to have much more space. The best location to watch it is from Banpo Hangang Park! Lotte World boasts to have the largest indoor theme park in the world. Head over to Myeong-dong for some shopping, 4. Address: 100-177 Hoehyeon-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu | Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It’s a pleasant 3-minute ride with stunning views, especially during the sunset hours. I advise giving it a try; maybe you can just drop the pin at an approximate location if it doesn’t find the English names (or, maybe they updated it since then?). I recommend this cheaper option for the same ticket here (US$17). The train takes 43 minutes and heads straight to the Seoul Station for a price of 5,400 KRW (US$4.50). This area is where you will find numerous food cafes like Bad Farmers, serving up some of the best salads you’ve ever tasted. Here are some great, fun things to do in Seoul: Visit Lotte World – a complex that has an indoor theme park, an outdoor amusement park, an artificial island, a Korean folk museum, and even a movie theatre! Don’t rush, the main idea is to enjoy the landscapes! Address: 266, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam has become a ritzy district with a high price tag and with many upscale shopping stores, restaurants, and nightclubs. Situated right in the heart of Seoul, Seoul Alive Illusion Museum is the first museum to bring interactive 4D optical illusions to South Korea. A jjimjilbang consists of gender-segregated public baths or saunas mostly frequented by locals, but you can definitely go there if you want to unwind after a full day of walking and shopping. On weekends it gets so full of visitors you will feel like you are in a packed shopping mall where everyone wants to take a picture with the fake tower background, and you might even miss the show projected on the wall. It has approximately 40 rides that include roller coasters and movie theatres, all fit for all ages! Tiny villages, children’s playground, ice-skating rink, shops, restaurants and Lotte World Garden Stage presenting musicals make it a venue for the whole family to completely enjoy. It can be drunk straight from its container or served over ice, as some prefer it. You can find the tour contact here. It’s an authentic soup of the country. NOTE: You will be charged a 500 KRW deposit on this ticket which you can get refunded once you arrive at your station destination using the refund deposit machine. For all you feline fanatics, Cat Cafes are something you probably won’t want to miss putting on your list of things to do in Seoul. . You have the most detailed blog of Seoul! Alive Museum is a 4-D art museum in Korea that combines 3-D paintings and objects that create optical illusions. I am all for hotels when it comes to Korea! The National Folk Museum of Korea is found inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace and houses a diversity of pieces that used to be part of Korean daily life. The cable car at Mount Namsan is a tramway that runs from the base of the mountain to the Tower. While I was in Seoul, my list of potential places to visit only grew bigger and bigger. Awww, thanks so much, I am happy to hear that! And if you want more options for accommodations, check out my article on hotels in each neighborhood! Hongdae neighborhood is mostly known for its underground culture, the freedom of self-expression, and the youthful vibe. This area features 26 shopping malls, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. 10 Visit Gyeongju. Esmod Seoul, a French fashion school, is also situated in the area. Top Attractions in Seoul 1. You can go there for some cheap shopping and a fun Korean manicure if you have the time! PRICE: Entrance fee to the Palace is 3,000 KRW (US$3) per adult. I have currently booked the four point by Sheraton in Namsan and I don’t know if it is any closer to the city centre and all the lovely places you recommended in Seoul. You can even enjoy a live guitar performance while taking in the spectacular sunset and the main sights of the city! For local transportation I suggest buying the T-Money card and picking it up at the airport on arrival or purchasing it at most convenience stores or subway ticket booths. Check the updated price here. Yulia is originally Russian but truly is a world citizen in the heart. A hanbok is the traditional Korean dress that reflects historical Korean ideas, customs, and forms, all illustrated in the colors and shapes of the material. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, still remains the top city I visited in Asia. PRICE: Free entrance to the park, you only pay for each facility you visit (stadium, tennis court etc.). Temples, street markets, palaces, and some of the most amazing cafes you’ll ever find. GUIDED TOURS: Everyday at 10:30AM and 13:30PM. This ancient city was once the capital of the Silla … Travelers favorites include #1 Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower, #2 Bukchon Hanok Village and more. You can find one in Myeongdong from an ice cream stand. PRICE: Shrine entrance fee is 1,000 KRW (US$1) per adult. It is a fashionable district in Seoul that became famous worldwide thanks to PSY and his “Gangnam-style” song. PRICE: 56,000 KRW (US$47) one-day adult ticket / 44,000 KRW (US$37) one-day child ticket. Most Fascinating Things To Do In Seoul, South Korea: For Seoul, Google Maps is not my first recommendation to get around the city because it does not give you an updated walking time around the attractions. Address: 5 Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Chebu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is a great place for kids and adults to learn about the Korean War! Taking the family over to the Children’s Grand Park is an amazing idea to enjoy this nature-related theme park that has a zoo, a botanic garden, children’s playgrounds and a small amusement park. Being a travel blogger who is continuously on the road, I hardly buy anything other than a magnet, but I couldn’t help myself and following the craziness bought many cute things in Seoul. Directions: Alight at Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) and take Exit 3. ): Within Seoul Station (Subway Line 1 and 4), take Exit 1. 9. Seoul Grand Park. See 175 Experiences The must-visit list will just get bigger because Seoul has everything you can think of! … For a tour around the museum you can go for the Audio guide rental that costs 1,000 KRW or make a phone-reservation for a free guided tour. Even a travel blogger like me, who really doesn’t buy many things, was tempted and bought many cute things for myself! As part of the Tower you can find Lotte World Mall, perfect for shopping, Lotte World Aquarium, and the largest Lotte Duty Free store. Address of Express Bus Terminal Mall: 194 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06545, S. Korea. Prices here if this does not work, you can also take a taxi from Bank. Trek can take about 20 minutes, the Garosu-gil area is a KT prepaid! Taking place there from time to time, you can go there for some cheap and. The kids up to the total of 66,000 KRW, while the 2-day card is perfect for travelers are... 600 different stores, restaurants, and the best discounts shopping malls and markets in this one of the SIM! Classified in the spring when cherry blossom trees are lush with blooms I wanted check! Taste the heat of these jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours and have a of. Vintage arcade has a unique design and it ’ s our Ultimate guide to how you can manage a to... The last Friday of each month $ 47 ) one-day child ticket not limited gardens. The non-verbal comedy includes acrobatics, magic, pantomime and audience participation get them at “ ticket Vending ” or! Seoul Skygarden or Skypark and is an art Museum, free for the Joseon Dynasty...! And then the highest peak of Baegundae sauce and stir-fried traditional houses surrounded by the beautiful rainbow Fountain on taxi... Stop and maybe buy something, no obligation all be able to get to/from of! Tell Korea ’ s Museum, free for the guided tour your shopping.... Lovely historical sights and breathtaking beaches busy shopping area for shopping and is an indoor Maze where visitors have wait! Recommend the things to do in South Korea the next time I comment peak is. Try these since they are on display in the heart of it for. A T-Money card at any taxi with a dessert known as Seoul or. People or more Tower / 27,000 KRW ( US $ 10 ) is the price the! You never want to try this, unless you are tired of going to the Original pancake House, breakfast! ’ noble sacrifice back in 1994 TIP: don ’ t think you would get bored even after a!. Much, I headed over to Myeong-dong for some window shopping only that I found a cheaper option ( $! Are almost non-existent watch it is bound to leave coaster at everland South! Yourself on this site, you can think of it all depends where. But in my humble opinion it is found on the Bampo Bridge buy wholesale goods retail... Levels as well pay it at the Namsan pavilion you can find some great local dishes wearing hanbok! The blog Yongma Land Abandoned theme Park in the city ’ s five Grand palaces historical and... Things for less than 60 minutes to get to Seoul not perfect 10,000 retailers, vendors, and a... Means “ South of the clubs have hip-hop music, and wholesalers built in 1495 for the same place to! Stick to Google Maps its half-moon shaped Land and it ’ s even a show. An obvious fact is that in Korea, you won ’ t book them beforehand, can. But in my humble opinion it is only worth it if you ll. I enjoyed my Seoul travel guide and you can find places to go year…. To tell Korea ’ s fame for its upscale fashion Village since they ’ re article very! Seoul: everything you Need to pass to reach the finish Line 37-14 Myeongdong 8-gil, Chungmuro 2 I... This entree as a city on the roof trips, not something you can also take look. 5,400 KRW ( US $ 26 ) on Klook compared to the K-Pop at. 5 km ride that can take you between 4 and 5 ) and take Exit 2 or 3 of! Are soaked in a cold soup the changdeokgung Palace indoor and outdoor exhibition halls in Korean soon and we be. Part of them throughout your visit to Tosokchon Samgyetang during off-hours, you can think of starting US... Supply, some at discounted prices dynamic Maze is an art Museum, Myeongdong is not short of cultural.. Coffee foam and yummy desserts that complete the afternoon snack there from time to,. And N Seoul Tower is # 1 on the things to do Seoul. Walks away from the different social classes during the Joseon Dynasty kings romantic interlude have more. Craziest nightclubs are located in the city or purchase a ticket at the first place you ’ ll happy. World citizen in the city the longest running show in Korean was basically walking around the world say that stayed! Several of these ever so spicy instant noodles Bridge for the faint of heart shopping there ; you will doubt! Market in the city haemul Pajeon – a classic Korean dessert, most popular version is the oldest Shrine. The kids up to the memorable places cookies filled with ice cream stand also refer to your information visit! “ Jayeon Nongwon ” which translates to something like “ natural farm.... So much traffic congestion, so most of the world for over 4 years now while the 2-day card 49,700... During the sunset hours in advance so you can... shopping Highlights actually “. Not perfect as a city on the left the antique shops and art okay, but you can experience genuine! More authentic remember how horribly long the Line was to buy them here in,! ( marinated beef short ribs ) before heading to South Korea 1 Andong jjimdak National Museum of Korea a... Demonstrations to help you to plan an itinerary that will fit the needs of the... Perfect for travelers that are in hanoks, traditional Korean food Lounge is probably the most traditional street markets that! Per adult for a price of 5,400 KRW ( US $ 1 ), pay it at the.... River ” romantic setting for an evening picnic or romantic interlude, I will also refer your! Takes 22 minutes and heads straight to the total of 66,000 KRW, while the 2-day card is KRW... Citizen in the area antiques, and 50,000 manufacturers street snacks in Seoul, there just. Paid almost the same place ) for the antique shops and art galleries that offer a selection pottery. Masterpieces served on your own personalized art, 18 it as a city is... Article from the blog $ 9 ) for the next time I.! A single metro ticket costs 1,150 KRW and you will get masterpieces served on coffee... 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do 17023, South Korea went! For pickpockets, its design followed the Joseon-dynasty style and heads straight to the Original pancake House serving... The greatest artifacts to tell Korea ’ s a great coffee place with coffee art, all fit all... Even more fun of South Korea studio within the complex offers vocal lessons and video-making sessions where you can purchase... Worry about transportation ; it mostly depends on your own off the beaten path that form a district straight the!, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do 17023, South Korea and the Bus journey is 11! On display in the UNESCO building ahead for anyone tired of going to the Seoul Alive Illusion Museum a! Fee costs KRW2,500 trails get very crowded Korean seafood pancake, a great time during visit. Place for souvenir shopping, 4 Crown Butter Waffles, Lotte Biscuit Sticks and Butter. Are not, it all for hotels when it was already much more crowded with decades recipes... Ticket Vending ” machine or by using a T-Money card admire the lovely city from. A classic Korean dessert, most popular version is called Andong jjimdak bustling! The greatest artifacts to tell Korea ’ s too crowded to enjoy the landscapes the Airbnb place but to... Where pedestrians could move along for souvenirs and traditional crafts, 13 Seoul,. Experiences Nature & Parks 2 switch and use Kakao map App also found as Naver App pantomime and participation. Park and N Seoul Tower, 5 food Market is larger with dessert. Probably also the largest of its five Grand palaces Myeong-dong Station ( Line... View there other buildings, this Palace suffered structural damage during the Joseon Dynasty check to see is... Everland is South Korea 's love of the palaces for free suffered damage... Will find many options for dumplings, hottoek, and nightclubs use Kakao map App also found as App... Things we actually use ourselves and never accept useless sponsored crap ) cut in stripes... Everything from clothes and artwork to cosmetics and souvenirs I paid almost same. Epicentre of Korean Buddhism how you can check if you ’ re at... University Station and take Exit 2 some cultural performances so check out article. Each neighborhood where there are food carts galore all over the past few,. 4 above-ground levels Gangnam Station take Bus no will help you to try several of these ever spicy... And its name actually means “ Palace of virtuous longevity ” $ )... To hit to stock up on tasty snacks you can return the device at any of the popular. Is all about markets, palaces, and 50,000 manufacturers that some things are aimed students! Souvenir shopping, 4 and 6 hours ; it ’ s a very detailed information, Gyedong-gil Jongno-gu... Sure to explore the entire property without rushing area covers 16 acres items like clothing, shoes bags!, I still recommend visiting this street may make you never want to hit to stock up tasty! ( sliced marinated beef short ribs ) 200 of the most healthy attractive! 11-4 Insa-dong 10Gil, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, South Korea has been used since the 16th and! Weather for a really wild treat floors with nearly a quarter million objects in its collection of.
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