That being said, I wouldn’t recommend that someone buy and install an aftermarket trigger in their carry gun, since reliability is paramount. The GLOCK Action Enhancement Trigger, with Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar, is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and reduces overall trigger travel while providing smooth uptake and reset with a crisp trigger … Did somebody get up on the wrong side today? Call customer service and they can assist you with troubleshooting the trigger install. This kit is a pairing of two previously standalone products. Does this cure that? That's because the SDVE from Smith & Wesson is not, in their minds, a top choice for an everyday carry. wow!!! There’s a clean take-up with an ever-so-slight bump right before it’s fully staged. You're certainly free to take their word for it, because, you know, they’re "experts.". Accurate, reliable, shoots everything to feed it. You run your mil spec trigger and I’ll run a 3.5#, see who can put 3 rounds in 5 targets faster and better, k? The trigger includes a factory trigger bar for quick and easy replacement. Now it is in rotation but still one of my favorite pistols to shoot. The Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger System is an easy-to-install trigger that gives your M&P Shield a much-needed upgrade. Didn’t you guys just do an article on this on Friday? It’s got everything you’d look for in a carry gun. The take-up is now wonderfully clean and smooth. … And certainly no stippling or Cerakote. Use Apex code to run flow and transaction control statements on the Salesforce platform. Many women have smaller hands and would benefit from this mod. … That’s an opinion. Other than that there are no upgrades to this SDVE. that was an announcement this is a review? Yes, changing the diameter does affect spring rate so that replacement spring is progressive rate whereas the factory one is linear. Especially if you upgrade that trigger with a little help from Apex. Shut the fuck up douchebag. Not the best, but it has never failed me and is just as accurate or better than any other pistol I own(including my P365 I carry now). It has the Apex trigger and spring kit(first mods I did) and Trijicon night sights and yes most M&P holsters fit the gun perfect! Apex kits have improved several of my go to pistols. If you install just the trigger and trigger bar I can see no down side. This one is going to ruffle a few feathers, especially among those peacocking on Instagram and YouTube as "an expert." Regards JH. Sounds like cancel culture is alive an well here at TTAG. False, unless by better you mean “feel.” I feel better when I hit the target and score well. I have a SD9VE and it was my EDC for almost 3 years straight. No sights, no lasers or lights. Pretty scary when you are trying to save your life and maybe you don’t pull the trigger perfectly straight in…kept me from buying. $30 difference if that, your right buy the sig S.A. not friends of the 2A do your research ..then decide, pro 2A company or anti 2A company. As the company has grown, they’ve slowly added additional trigger … And that's where we come in. It may not be the best first pistol to carry but it is a great first pistol to shoot especially in 9mm. But then we installed it. The heavy trigger pull in some guns means removing a bit more of the over-travel to compensate for the flex in the trigger bar at the higher weights. That's a holster from Occidental Leather, but they've separated into different companies. A must have on that firearm. Yes, it does. In addition to the more than one … The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger is a great option for competition or duty/carry weapons. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I still put more rounds on target with it than any other pistol I own; and yes I have shot BHP with a competition trigger and I didn’t shoot it any better. As an addendum to @adrianLarson comment: Cross-object formula fields may be available in the before trigger context if the parent relationship is based on a required field or on a lookup field with non-null value. Love mine and after a few years and a few thousand rounds it still shoots like the day I bought it. Combining these two is where you’ll find dramatic improvement in the SDVE, and that’s why we finally decided to make life easy for customers and just put these together into one kit. I have been carrying a Smith&Wesson SD40VE for over 5 years. Beyond that, the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger felt significantly better than the factory trigger. Apex has produced a helpful video showing you how to install the upgrade (check it out here). I've carried it for about 7 years and put a few thousand rounds thru it with no problems. i put a apex trigger on a older s&w sd 40 and have been carrieing it now for 2 years . A striker spring, a sear spring and the Apex trigger. There are three versions of this drop-in trigger … The SDVE does have a long, heavy trigger. We were asked our opinion on the Apex Trigger in the M&P 2.0 Compact. Apex has priced the trigger upgrade at $79.95 for the black and Thin Blue Line versions (they’ll start taking pre-orders on 8/13). Words of wisdom, honesty, and truth. Our Spring Kit reduces trigger pull weight by approximately 2.0 lbs. Like the Velocity trigger, the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is … It is a very good pistol but I will be ordering this trigger set up. I would also like to know if this cures the “hung” trigger. The Apex tactical Glock trigger has a smooth uptake that glides more than it moves. Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger. Apex Tactical is perhaps best known for their trigger kits that clean up the Smith & Wesson M&P’s bangswitch, though their original success came from their renowned work on Smith revolvers. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend that someone buy and install an aftermarket trigger in their carry gun, since reliability is paramount. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It’s well built, compact, accurate and has 16+1 capacity. It was designed that way. That is a competition challenge. Your email address will not be published. It may not be your first choice, but it can be a great secondary option, house or truck gun. While there isn't a selection option specifically for the SDVE, Scott found that the holster for the M&P 45 Compact works great. The Action Enhancement Trigger Kit is engineered to provide the M&P (9mm or .40S&W) pistol owner with a smooth, consistent 5.0 to 5.5 lbs. In my opinion this is the Best Glock Trigger for the money. Apex trigger installation service (kit may be sent in with firearm or purchased directly from us) Flat rate price for any Apex kit (FSS, DCAEK, CAEK, etc) Expected Results: Professional, clean, and damage free … I have seperate pistols for that. Like, who would ever do that, right? Our Spring Kit reduces trigger pull weight by approximately 2.0 lbs. So, if you are wondering, does the SDVE make for a good carry gun? Today, Apex … The SDVE? Regardless, Smith & Wesson gave us the SDVE. I already forwarded him your previous article, and a link to the page on Apex’s website and advised to get in on the pre order when it is available. The Apex class should be called and delegate the processing from Trigger to Apex … It did suck trying to find an adequate holster for it with the laser as well as the spare mag, but of all places, Wal-Mart had one for less than $20 with my name on it (Uncle Mikes). Machined of solid aluminum billet, this part is hard coat anodized for reliability … We’ve gotten one, installed it and used it, so can give you our real world impressions of what it does and how well it does it. Like, us. 2A sellouts. I’ve added the springs & trigger kit to my SD 40 & it makes it feel like a much higher price point pistol. Though lighter, the sear spring will only really come into play in those SDVE models that have overly heavy trigger pull weights, like those sold in New York or Massachusetts. I bought your trigger/action upgrade spring kit along with a Crimson Trace Laser sight and the Talon Grip. Same thing for these trigger upgrades on carry guns. Your email address will not be published. His SDVE, which has been in his everyday carry rotation, is outfitted with the Apex Action Enhancement Kit. It ain’t the gun. Just like with his J-Frame, Scott again chose a Reinforced IWB leather holster from TT GunLeather to carry the SDVE. Well, certainly not without well considered direction from actual shooters. Once you hit the end of the trigger pull you are greeted with a glass rod trigger break. Dan, thanks for the (both) articles, I received my Hellcat recently, have only been able to get a box and a half thru it and have experienced the “hung” trigger that is talked about on the various Interweb sites. The Apex trigger for me takes care of that issue and makes the weapon safer and more accurate. . I shot a perfect 200 with a BHP with an unmodified trigger in about the same time. This is due to the riveted production process of the trigger pad which makes it one of the toughest and most-reliable designs available in … Features. I have never done anything to my sd40ve. pistols is designed with a more robust extractor claw and utilizes Apex’s proprietary geometry. It’s a serious — and seriously popular — competitor to the SIG P365 in the “high” capacity micro-compact carry gun market segment (a segment that’s comprised of exactly two guns at the moment). We’re reviewing the Brownell’s Exclusive Apex Trigger for Glock pistols. The video below gives you a quick overview of the kit. The Hellcat’s stock trigger is a good one. I don’t GAS if my BHP trigger is gritty and rough. PEORIA, Ariz. – Apex Tactical Specialties is now shipping the new Extended Slide Release for the CZ P-10 C, F and S model pistols. Makes the pistol feel and shoot amazing. And I have completed a 40 round qualification shoot with a beat up M-9 in under a minute and a half with 36 hits and a 165 out of 200 score. The weight of the trigger … That Apex spring kit, which was a great help when I was first starting out, eventually started causing light primer strikes after 2500-3000 rounds, so I had to put the factory springs back in. Because it’s the golfer, not the clubs that makes the shots. You could avoid the DML statement governor limits by this. It’s cool if you don’t like to modify your firearms, because you don’t use them like people who do, but acting like you are better? You won’t become a better shooter if you put in a new trigger because it’s you and not the trigger. You can find the same craftsmanship at TT Gunleather. I find that the 1911 is the best pistol to teach a new shooter trigger control. I purchased an APEX kit a couple of years ago, but could not get the trigger to fit properly. Required fields are marked *. On the stock trigger, any side pressure on the trigger safety keeps it locked. They are custom made to order and are worth every penny and the wait time. The SDVE we're looking at today is Scott's. But, and we’re just throwing this out there, maybe, just maybe you want some insight from people who actually know the SDVE real well, not to mention carried it. When installed, the extractor will: – Improve reliability. A red anodized version will be $84.95. Trigger Helper Class. I love my SD9VE. As we wrote . I'm sure it's something I did. from factory while smoothing the trigger stroke and improving reset. It’s the company. The pull … Deliver secure and scalable custom notifications with platform events. Why they chose this path it’s hard to say. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’m good with basic work on my guns, but this wasn’t a job I wanted to tackle. They are VERY reliable and you are doing the most minimal thing you can do to a Glock trigger … I have had new shooters putting all the rounds into the B27 silhouette at 10 yards after an hour. It's a great pistol, properly weighted with a full mag, slide absorbs the recoil nicely. 5 Practice Problems for APEX Triggers April 18, 2018 November 15, 2020 ~ sf9to5 As part of my journey from a “Point and Click Admin” to a “Dev Admin”, I wanted to be able to get more hands … i love the way this makes this gun preform all i can say is keep up the great work. SA are FUDD sellouts, like you. The Apex Extended Slide Release is the perfect upgrade for the CZ P-10 … Why is that? It's durable and it performs. hi power needs nothing but mag plunger gone. i just put your trigger and spring in a s&w 9ve . The story, as we know it, is that the engineers were looking for a transitional firearm that bridged the gap between the heavy double-action trigger pull of a duty revolver to something less long and less heavy without jumping straight to what today is the more common striker-fired trigger pull we’ve come to expect. Looking at Ceracoating the slide soon. So when we heard that Apex Tactical was coming out with a new Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat, it wasn’t something that jumped to the top our the want list. Apex Glock Trigger … As the robber in a ‘Dirty Harry’ movie once asked – “I gots to know!” : i’m too conservative to put a progressive winding in my pistol. – Deliver consistent extraction. I dropped an Apex spring kit in my first handgun (S&W SD9), and the difference for me as a rookie was night and day. This trigger will only fire 1 DML statement as it will operate over a List and List has all the records which need to be modified. Includes (1) Glock Action Enhancement Trigger with Gen 3 factory trigger bar. The polymer Action Enhancement Trigger and the Spring Kit for the SDVE. The Apex triggers are fantastic. Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger… Couldn’t agree more with this article. I changed the way the weapon "feels" as a good trigger will do. Every golfer just knows that new driver, wedge or putter will take lots of strokes off his score except it never does. We found it did even better. It is made up of a trigger return spring, a striker block spring, a striker spring and a light sear spring. We cover a few of the most Best Glock Aftermarket Triggers (and the infamous 25 cent trigger job) and our favorite is actually the most budget friendly with Apex. With the AET in my SD40VE, not only have I carried it daily for 4 years, I have even used it in competition. better trigger= better shootin’. Here you see everything you get with the Apex Action Enhancement trigger. Got the Sig instead. The Apex trigger by itself reduces pre-travel by approximately 20% and over-travel by 10%, when compared to the factory trigger. It may not be at the top with the likes of Walther, but it’s definitely up there. from what you have written I will be ordering one on the 13th. My SD is a much better pistol than my MP 9 that i just bought. I don’t know why there would be such a difference in factory triggers, but the one on my brother in laws new Hellcat jerks through the take up. As you can hear from the video below, it’s plainly audible and very tactile. That Apex spring kit, which was a great help … There is no method at this time to make hands bigger. But for one thing, maybe. And, as self-proclaimed internet experts, they will be sure to tell you why it’s a horrible choice. A question for the gunsmiths – One of the replacement springs is shaped strangely, the windings reduce in diameter over the length of the spring. They should go to the range, rent a bunch of guns, and buy the one they shoot the best, even if it’s more expensive. It took Jeremy about a half hour to complete. Cancel culture? The break is — as they say — clean and crisp, far more so than it was and a huge improvement over most other stock striker-fired triggers. . It breaks, the gun fires and as you release it the trigger resets. And by “we” I mean Jeremy S. installed it. Assuming the story is true, it gives credence to the notion of not letting engineers dictate the performance of a firearm. The Apex trigger maintains the safety features of the standard Glock trigger. Why anothe rone with no new or different info so fast? We were impressed by the Springfield Hellcat (see our review here). Platform events simplify the process of communicating changes between publishers and … A major enhancement in the PRO trigger is durability. That is with magazine changes. Here you see the original Springfield parts on the left and the Apex replacements on the right. I did install the rest of the kit and I guess I'll just have to get another trigger kit and try again. Respect . Best Bang-For-The-Buck Trigger. This is why I had Jeremy install the Action Enhancement Trigger. A decent trigger. Yeah, it actually is 'What We Carry.'. trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger … I had my SD40 for 4 years before buying the Apex trigger kit and I regret not doing it sooner! Hurt But it says Springfield so I hate it Hur Hur. Better shooting experience you say? Sounds like someone who shoots static targets and does fuck all when it comes to training. Using my Lyman Digital Gauge the stock Glock 19 trigger was 5lbs 9 oz and after the installation of the Apex trigger that number dropped to 4 lbs 7.2 oz. That’s a very reasonable price for a big upgrade in your carry gun’s performance. Apex’s reputation for manufacturing the best performance upgrades in the industry has grown to the point that many of the major firearms manufactures now work with Apex in some degree or another. And it is. Just ask them. What does that change about how it tensions? Apex … Not that it’s terribly difficult. Looking at the Trigger … Note that for me, this applys to most double stack semi autos. The MP 9 is a pos. And we (Apex) came up with a much needed improvement. It's a little big to carry every day, but I do whenever I can. Thank you for your website, I get a great deal of enjoyment from it. …the Hellcat’s trigger is clearly one of the best bangswitches I’ve shot on a striker fired carry pistol. The Apex Glock trigger is my pick for best bang-for-the-buck since it looks cool, is reliable, improves upon the stock trigger, and is priced right. If someone is looking to buy a gun, I’d strongly recommend that they try before they buy. I upgraded my SDVE with an Apex trigger kit and the result was outstanding. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The pistol has performed flawlessly right out of the box. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. how and where do I go about purchasing this holster and what is the price on this? The Apex design completely resolved the problem and gave me 100% reliability. The fact is Springfield Armory is a treasonous company. Customize your events by defining fields. Apex Tactical produced the Action Enhancement Trigger (AEK) for the Smith and Wesson M&P to work with all calibers and configurations of this popular pistol. – Provide uniform … That was a press release announcing the product. I’ve put about 150 rounds through the Hellcat since the trigger was installed and the difference is positive and very clear. I apologize Dan you are correct about the company’s sellout actions. Not only does the Apex trigger keep the famous Glock reset it improves on it. It increases in spring rate as it is stretched (the larger diameter coils will stretch more easily than the smaller diameter ones). While this is a great trigger we don't feel the difference is significant. Once installed, the difference was immediately obvious. He knows a thing or two about firearms and not just because he plays an expert on the internet, but because he actually is an expert. Apex Glock Trigger. Plus, he likes that 'old man' look a leather holster gives you. My shooting experience is directly related to me hitting what I aim at not whether I have a “silky smooth” trigger. I love mine. The Apex trigger replaces the factory hinged trigger which, and let’s be honest, nobody really loves, with a unibody design with center-mounted pivoting safety. SA Hellcat has a much more comfortable grip than the P365. While I agree that “it’s the archer, not the arrow,” a good trigger can make a HUGE difference in practical accuracy, especially for newer/inexperienced shooters. Dropping two pounds of trigger pull will make my wife happy too when she shoots it. Get real. Best of all, the reset has been shortened. But still curious. The Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit was designed to provide the M&P pistol owner a smooth, consistent 5 to 5-1/2 lb trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and a reduced … Then it breaks very cleanly at 5.7 pounds. They’ll be happier, and they’ll save money on ammo in the long run. I have a SDVE I carry on occasion. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Back in May of 2016 we published a blog post entitled SDVE: S&W’s Hidden Gem in which we outlined all the reasons that the SDVE is actually quite a good gun. SD9ve is a great gun for the money and the Apex trigger and spring kit improves the 1 not so great part of the gun. It boosted my confidence, which led to more trips to the range, which greatly improved my skill as a shooter (with handguns, at least; I still suck with rifles). I love straight triggers. The SD9VE is a solidly built gun that allows you to make a few upgrades like the Apex trigger/spring kit and better sites to give you something set up exactly the way you want it and still spend a lot less then other options out there. Does it increase or decrease in force as it stretches? Apex says the Action Enhancement Trigger drops the pull weight to between 5 and 5.5 pounds. The Apex trigger by itself reduces pre-travel by approximately 20% and over-travel by 10%, when compared to the factory trigger. Learn about Salesforce Apex, the strongly typed, object-oriented, multitenant-aware programming language. Apex Tactical GLOCK Enhanced Trigger and Gen 3 Trigger Bar.