The second bench test was to measure the travel of both triggers at the various stages of engagement. So let’s dig in and explore the nuances of the Apex Glock trigger and The Overwatch Precision Glock Trigger, and crown one of these the “Best Glock Trigger Upgrade” in my opinion. This pull weight is generally accepted as good for both carry and duty depending on what you use your Glock for. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger with Glock Trigger Bar Kit replaces the current trigger and trigger bar in your Glock pistol. When doing this, I got a value of 1.46 seconds for the draw with split times of .25, .29, and .23 seconds with standard deviations of .11, .04, .09. and .02 respectively. If you are using your Glock for competition that”s one thing but you are wasting money if it’s just a carry piece. What if you don’t like the grip of the Glock? ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With it and a polish job…my trigger pull is 5 lb 7 oz and much smoother. Scoring: IPSC “minor” scoring (A=5, B/C = 3, D=1). While I would love to think that perfection is the name of the game, I think we can all agree that some pistols just shoot better than others of the same model. I dropped the trigger unit and performance connector into the Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed a few months ago. I’ve never tried the Apex trigger, but the whole data plotting exercise was STUPID. If you only spend 1k on a 1911, you are buying the “GLOCK” of 1911s. All of the pins are flush fitted, and once installed, it feels like the pivoting surfaces are riding on oiled glass. This seems to promote a bit more control on the trigger shoe, and ultimately results in what feels like a much better trigger “experience.”. I don’t have any major problems with the trigger but who wouldn’t want a “much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience.”. In my particular scheme of things I’m better off spending said $100 towards a decent reloading kit for 10mm/.40S&W since that’s what I shoot most of the time. As  some of you may remember, I set out to find an objective means of testing pistols, sights, holsters, etc. Though I have a Gen3 GLOCK 19, I elected to utilize the trigger with trigger bar, as removing the factory trigger bar from my gun would effectively destroy the factory trigger. Garbage In, Garbage Out. The Apex trigger’s full name is the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock. Based on the helpful feedback we got, the trigger is being altered so as to fit the 43. I would prefer to fire rounds at paper, but even feeling the balance and dry firing would have been worthwhile. Platform. Other things I did to my New Perfect Glock to make it more comfortable and shootable for me (and by the way, before I did these things, I got much tighter groups with my frigging hi-point 9mm because it has too small of a grip for me, buit it’s WAY more ergonomic (shaped like the inside of a gripping hand). Thanks guys! The flat profile combined by the slightly rearward set of the Apex trigger allows for very little creep before breaking the shot and almost ZERO over travel due to a built in trigger stop.  Depending on how the data was treated, the average score ranged from 7.69 to 7.99 with the Apex’d GLOCK vs. 8.10 to 8.40 with the stock GLOCK. As I’m not able to measure the actual breaking point, the next best measurement I could get was to squeeze the trigger the full distance of travel and measure to what would normally be called the overtravel stop. Apex Glock Trigger (Source) Finally, a very advantageous result of upgrading the trigger is a quick reset. Your incoming data was garbage because you didn’t have a “control” example. Funny enough when you spend $1K+ on a 1911 you are spending about 80% on upgrades from whoever is making that 1911. I’ll probably buy a Glock eventually due to the lack of high capacity 10mm handguns from other manufacturers, but you can bet your shiny metal ass that I’ll be replacing the trigger immediately. This would generally be referred to as the takeup distance. In my opinion this is the Best Glock Trigger for the money. Harley owners will customize theirs by replacing certain parts over time. All factory, but cut and polished to a clean 2 lb break with a short reset. This was within a few hundredths of the stock pistol which had splits of .25, .27, and .28 respectively. This whole “review” is rubbish. musta played too much call of duty. I can’t say enough nice things about the shape of this trigger and what it does to the overall profile of the trigger pull. The Action Enhancement Kit for Glock pistols features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, with Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar, Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger for Glock and Apex Performance Connector.