The Vice Secretary 3. Enables clubs and referees to administer their day to day activities. Role of the President . Find out more... Club Welfare Officer The Welfare Officer of any club is a very important role. A Committee should operate as a team, draw on the skills and talents of each member, and work toward common goals to ensure club success. The responsibility of the Club President is to overview the management and administrative operation of the club and to provide leadership and support to all its members. All clubs with players and teams under 18 must appoint a Welfare Officer. Members can take on an active role, or could just support the club through having their say on important matters at annual general meetings. The club secretary is also responsible for coordinating, announcing and minuting club meetings such as the club AGM. It’s a great way of keeping fit physically, while spending time with friends. Be responsible for all kit and equipment and comply with Club rules regarding new equipment, passing down strips etc. To fulfil these roles and duties several things need to be in place: • Policies and procedures that are clear, ‘user-friendly’ and cover everything Facilitation of training sessions and organisation of game day player involvement. The league and cup competitions you enter will have rules regarding player registration. In such a case, the role of the director of football has more to do with club promotion and marketing than with actual control over footballing operations. In larger clubs, they may delegate responsibility for activities such as coaching, finance or marketing to specialists, but, in smaller clubs, they may take a hands-on role … The manager of the football club is the one responsible for the results on the pitch. 3. Eg Ground Marshall, Linesman, Snakes/Oranges, etc. 1. It has 209 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football. • Ensure funds are spent properly. Football Club Bunbury Playing Fields Hurst Close Bunbury Cheshire CW6 9QP Version: 8 February 2011 Roles and Responsibilities of: Club Chairperson Bunbury Youth Football Club takes its responsibilities very seriously towards operating a safe environment for all its players, officials and supporters and those of visiting organisations. Roles Within a Club There are a substantial number of roles to be filled within a football club. sufficient time to devote to the Committee. When travelling to away matches, the Secretary must ensure the players, coaches and other team officials arrive in plenty of time for kick-off. Club Secretary The Club Secretary is a pivotal role. There is a lot of work involved in running a club and the key to success is sharing the workload. His work is to ensure that the targets given to him are met by the end of the season. For youth teams, a parents’ evening should be held. Clubs relying on one person to manage different roles and tasks will find it difficult to operate. Roles & Responsibilities The Football Workforce offers some examples of Roles and Responsibilities for typical club and league positions; you can copy the master Roles and Responsibilities form on page 50) and use it to describe jobs within your club. FULL-TIME offers you an easy way to manage your football leagues online. You should apply to the relevant Local Authority, Parish Council, non-league team or private pitch owner to hire a pitch for training sessions and home games. Maintaining the club email list and messaging club members with relevant information such as fixtures and other club-related news; Promotional campaigns, such as raising awareness of the club within the local community; Maintaining the club website, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and forthcoming events; Team manager Pre-season, the club must ensure it has sufficient players must be registered for each squad, subscription rates agreed and Codes of Conduct signed. Before starting up a new team, you should ask: are there enough potential players? The role of the President is to oversee the running of the club and its administration. These rules will be provided to you on entering the competition. In addition, all youth teams must have a Club Welfare Officer and those working with children need to have an FA CRB check. • Do not place self interest above the needs of the Club FIFA is an association founded in 1904 based in Zurich. ! The Treasurer must manage and administer the club’s finances, maintaining an income and expenditure record and balance sheet, which must be presented at the club’s AGM. Affiliations to the County FA and competitions must be renewed, training and playing facilities booked and friendlies arranged. It might be helpful to ask current post holders to fill in the form, as who knows the job better than the person currently doing it? Ensure parents know how to purchase their playing uniform. • Be aware of any areas of potential conflict of interest Your County FA will advise on suitable league or competition membership for your team/s. Across this website, you will find simple instructions to support you through the process of getting up and running. 6. At this point it is important to organise adequate insurance for players in case of accident or injury. Treasurer. Vice Chairman. To enforce current child protection policies and work with relevant Players, Managers, and … Manage game-day player rotations. Golden Grove F.C. A club should seek independent legal advice in relation to the most appropriate structure or the steps to be taken if a club is considering making any changes to its structure. Consistently emphasise enjoyment and involvement rather than winning and competition. Ensure all participants are given equal opportunity to play 4. A presentation evening is also a good idea to congratulate the players and reward volunteers. You will also need to organise kit for your team. The main purpose of this job is that of primary administrator for the club. The Main Committee, through the Chairperson 2. Who will I be responsible for? • Pay bills on behalf of club and record the information. • Collect subscriptions and all money due to the club. If you require further help, contact your local County Football Association.  - The Treasurer Ensure parents know how to access the fixture list.  - The Chairperson This page contains the role and responsibilities descriptors that the club requires to ensure that club provides its care and duty to our members in the operations of the organisation. Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and a safety net to help protect players, clubs, officials and administrators. !!!!!Page!1!of25! • To seek advice about things that the committee does not understand or that may have legal implications, Executive Officers • The Committee are responsible for all the decisions that effect the Club • Are responsible for money and how it is used • They hold meetings to discuss future direction for the Club • They take responsibility for the important parts of leading, directing and supervising the Club The Chair will organise and preside over committee meetings. Plan, prepare, deliver and review training sessions throughout the MiniRoos season. The Secretary’s duties include: County FA affiliation, league membership, all correspondence, maintenance of club records including financial records, maintaining a player register, deal with all disciplinary matters, manage transfers and contract players. Employing a well-known football personality in such a position may also be used to enhance the perceived prestige of the club, improving the club's position in the transfer market. • They take responsibility for the important parts of leading, directing and supervising the Club Basic kit is: a set of linesman's flags, corner flags, 2 goal nets, 2 match balls, First Aid kit, training balls, shirts, shorts and socks.  - PRO (Public Relation Officer), Grassroots football is played by millions of people each weekend to have fun. • Regularly attend committee meetings to stay involved and informed Effective Committee members should have: a commitment to the club. GOLDEN GROVE FOOTBALL CLUB. Club Secretary's role at a glance. A guide to Roles and Responsibilities for the Secretary 1. Who will I be responsible to? There are a few core officer roles needed for a club’s committee. EXECUTIVEPresident, Vice President, Club & Senior Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Football Director, Junior Football Director & Junior Secretary Plan club meetings with the chairperson and agree an agenda with all club officers; Circulate details of … Staff Responsibilities. Legal & Privacy, View all Senior, Intermediate & Junior Competitions, FAI Aviva Soccer Sisters Easter Football Festival. All clubs should affiliate to their respective County Football Association.  - Delegated Authority Executive Committee Chairperson. You will need to keep track of membership, player attendance, monitor any incidents and keep up with general club development. Secretary. Football club administration can be a major task, especially in multi-team clubs. You will need to keep track of membership, player attendance, monitor any incidents and keep up with general club development. Blandford Rugby Football Club Job Descriptions. Club Honorary Secretary.  - Club Children’s Officer On the Responsibilities tab of the Staff screen there are various responsibilities that you can assign to particular staff members that they will take on in addition to the standard responsibilities for their roles. Soccer club directors are responsible for the overall management and success of their clubs. • Keep up to date records of all financial transactions. • Always act in ways that show good will and good faith Set out below are the roles and responsibilities for each position: President. • Not to gain financially from any information obtained from being a member of the management committee The following is a list of Roles and Responsibilities that need to be filled to help the RYE JFC function. • They do all this on behalf of the Club members, • Conduct long-term planning of activities so that the aims and objectives of the Club are met  - The Secretary • Processes for communication and reporting Clubs should understand the rules of the competition they enter. If your club has a larger number of teams, it is also worth looking into the idea of having multiple Welfare Officers. • Networks with other Clubs/Leagues The Secretary is the most important role in the club and is the official contact between the club, the County FA and the competition organisers. Fixtures are administered by the competition, advising clubs of forthcoming games. • Regularly communicate with and provide information to members about the running of the Club Manage parent’s expectations and promote suppor… Often a volunteer fills multiple roles. The team will need to know directions to the venue and kick-off time. Committee Roles. It is a matter for each club to determine the legal form that is best based on its own circumstances. All Coach Education, Referee Education and Child Welfare courses can now be booked online! General club administration and all disciplinary procedures must be managed. • If they do not have approval they may act in a way that is not in line with the committee’s guidelines. • They hold meetings to discuss future direction for the Club The role of Welfare Officer is an important job but it is vital to keeping football for everyone. Rye Junior Football Club….We’re the team that’s true….. HOME ; Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League > Rye Junior Football Club. • Provide detailed written records and job descriptions to a newly elected committee to help them with their roles. Board & Club Positions and Role Descriptions . Players must provide own boots and shin pads and goalkeepers gloves. Sub-Committee Roles & Responsibilities. The President is ultimately responsible for the club. Responsibilities include: 1. The business affairs of a club are generally managed by a committee consisting of club officials, team managers and ordinary members – usually players, parents or supporters. A cash book must be retained for two seasons, an annual financial statement prepared and bank account managed in the club’s name. Below are some of the common tasks undertaken by the Secretary - some or all may apply to your club depending on club size, sport etc. Decide on the fee for annual player subscription and set up a bank account in the club name. As a new club, it will be important to raise funds quickly to cover the essential expenditure such as affiliation fees, league membership fee, pitch hire charges and kit. It is the central point of club administration, handling all club correspondence. You will need to write a constitution and appoint volunteers to become club officials. Organising meetings. • Strategic plans and action plans Roles & Responsibilities. Football club administration can be a major task, especially in multi-team clubs. At the end of the season, the club should hold an Annual General Meeting at which the annual accounts should be agreed. During the season, home games and training need to be arranged, travel to away games, league meetings and club committee meetings. More volunteers and good planning will lead to a better run club. The Chairperson does not have specific duties but will oversee the work carried out by other officers. Football Association of Ireland © 2001 - 2019. Communicate parent concerns/complaints to the coach and/or club. Maintaining and developing club facilities is important to everyone, including players, parents and club staff. What is the role of the Club Secretary? There are a number of club duties that need fulfilling at different times of the year. AFC Newbury ! All clubs should appoint a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. To help ease your administration, there are a number of … To be clear about the club’s responsibilities when running activities for children and young people. • To have all necessary information about the financial situation of the Club COMMITTEE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Chairperson The role of the Chairperson is to oversee the general running of the Club, in keeping with the aims and objectives set out above. • The committee may be legally responsible for any contract that the individual makes when acting on behalf of the committee. Each article features downloadable pdfs, which give you further information. • It is important that when the management committee members act on behalf of the committee that they have approval to do so. Get all the latest football news sent directly to your inbox, ViewtheTheVitalityWomen'sFACupFacebookchannel, ViewtheTheVitalityWomen'sFACupTwitterchannel, The FA Women's Continental Tyres League Cup, Write club constitution and organise Annual General Meeting, Affiliate with your local County Football Association and the league you wish to enter, Understand the rules of competitions you wish to enter, Familiarise yourself with Safeguarding Children rules if running a team including under-18s or vulnerable adults, Hire pitches for matches and training Raise fund and set up a club bank account, Notify members of fixtures and liaise with opposition. • Report regularly to the committee on the financial Firstly, all clubs need to act within the rules of The Football Association. It is a high profile role that has a major impact on the efficient and effective management of the club. Chairman. • Find more information on issues that you are confused about Adapt these job descriptions to outline the requirements of various roles within your club and help guide people who are new to a role. All Rights Reserved Organise the duty roster for the parents. Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee. • Review the performance of employees, volunteers, subcommittees and the committee itself Often a volunteer fills multiple roles. ! All player discipline is administered by the County FA and the club secretary is responsible for ensuring all players are eligible to play. It can be a daunting task to set up a new football club, but help is at hand. It is important to know who everyone is and that they know what you expect of them. The Role of the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) The two key responsibilities are: 1. Responsibilities of a Soccer Club Director. Role Welfare Officer Charter Standard Officer Football Development Officer Club Development Officer Role Description Protect and assure the welfare of all players and Managers within the Club. The Secretary must confirm the appointment of match officials in advance and appoint a club member to look after the officials, including paying their match fee. • The Committee are responsible for all the decisions that effect the Club This involves running club meetings and ensuring effective management of the Board. You should be working together with the club committee as well as coaches and managers. The Management Committee is fluid and made up of roles and responsibilities required by the Football Club. The President may achieve this through effective communication and responsible overview. • Develop policy and procedures Results must be telephoned in to the league or competition as soon as possible after the match has ended. SPORT CLUBS COMMITTEE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Work Area: Sport Development Revision Number: SPD-0056.A Last Modified: May 2016 Page 1 of 5 Sport Club administration can often be time consuming for individuals. In club football, those who have been at the club the longest or are homegrown talents and have spent a significant amount of their career at the club are usually the most obvious choices for captain. 5. The majority of these roles are done on a voluntary basis by committed people who ensure the livelihood of Australian Football at all levels. The club welfare officer has a specific role to safeguard children who are involved in football and activities organised by West Exe Youth Football Club. Requirements of these roles are detailed in the following sections. Are there enough volunteers to run the club? • Show reasonable care and diligence when acting as a member of the management committee Pitch hire costs and terms vary widely, so take note of these and also check if you need to take out insurance. • Resources to meet the needs of the Club Acts as a contact for any player, parent, helper or manager/coach to discuss any concerns that they may have regarding the welfare of children involved with the club. • Are responsible for money and how it is used New teams are regularly set up to meet demand. The Welfare Officer needs to understand the club’s responsibilities when running activities for children and young people, and must help club personnel in their duty of care towards children. • Obtain resources and ensure that all financial and legal matters are properly managed There are several simple guidelines that will keep committee members informed and help to avoid any possible areas of conflict or concern. In 2017, the Management Committee comprises of VP Operations, Technical Director, Junior DOC, Registrars, Social Coordinators, Sponsorship Coordinators, Grounds Keeper and General Committee Members. • Ensure all cash and cheques are promptly lodged to club’s account(s). Committee Positions and Role Descriptions. The job is to assist with the safeguarding and protecting of children, young people and … The Roles and Responsibilities descriptors are not job descriptions and several people may use the same role descriptor ie head coach for each age group… You can also choose to take on many of these responsibilities yourself. To help ease your administration, there are a number of form templates available to download. Below are example job descriptions of other roles available within a football club. Individual Members They are: The attached pdf gives more detail on organising these tasks and click on the links for more advice. For away games, tell your players the kick-off time and arrange transport if necessary. • Manage external relations Provide leadership and direction for the club ; Oversee the work of the Club Committee; Chair meetings of the club; Advocate of the football club for the local community. Document any problems that arise between team members, parents, coaches and supporters and present these to a club representative. 2. Boys and Girls Football!Club! It is vital that all who undertake any duties or responsibilities on behalf of Blandford Rugby Football Club (BRFC) have these roles clearly defined.