I went under the network adapter settings as stated and changed the TCP/IPv4, rebooted and Hey Presto - it re-appeared along with all the mapped drive paths. 6. Additionally, and perhaps related, in a CMD window (as Administrator) typing "Net View" returns "System error 1231 has occurred.". 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support was enabled, so I don't know where that leaves me. however I can't access any files on it from the history of an app until after I browse the drive with Explorer. Not even spell checked and suggesting we only do it to access data we could map drives to, indicating a total lack of understanding as to why we need network browsing. Sometimes if you change your Router network shares appear again. Yes, your solution fits totally. Browser" issue. Some people have third party devices on their network they can set to be the Master Browser, all non-1703 can browse. This is a joke, people have this problem left and right and Google probably has it as 1 of its biggest searches and yet MS can't even find a proper solution. Delete anything with ## in front of it.Then restart the computer Try this manual solution to fix WD Elements external hard drive that is not detected in Windows 10. If so, see if the manufacturer has an update of their software or some sort of communication regarding I can access them by going to This problem was exhibited in W7 also, so it is not unique to W10. So currently have to Map them on the boot or realtime which is annoying and not ideal. All English Windows 10 IT Pro forums! WD hard drive not showing up in Windows 10 File Explorer could be the result of drive letter missing or conflict. My old Seagate NAS is back. Thanks The SMB1-support has already been enabled - that's not the solution... Also tried upgrading the NAS to SMB3 - no change. Fix 2. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, WD Elements 1 TB lights on but not showing on computer on windows 10. Click the + sign to expand and enable both client and server options. I recently bought a new laptop of Asus rog strix which runs in Windows 10. Formerly I was able to see my Synology Diskstation NAS unit listed under "Network" in File Explorer and now it isn't shown. Thanks. I have not been able to test a local account on my machine - hopefully that is not the conclusion, all the other access and addons I will get from the MS account will be gone then. And I would reinsert it into another usb and eventually it got detected. Deleting these keys usually resolves it. I can, usually, always get to the NAS by entering the unique network address. "My WD external hard drive stopped working because it is not showing as a removable disk when I plugged it to my computer. previously deleted had returned of its own accord. I've tried pretty much everything in this thread and nothing works. The drive is mapped to D and clicking on D will show the contents of the drive fine. If I disconnect the D drive and remap it via net use it doesn't ask me for credentials at all, just entering the username and password I still need to find if I can restart this PC without the ", Select "Turn Windows features on or off" (requires admin rights). Clicking on either, shows the correct of Win 10 to activate NetBios over TCP, but checking that box in the adapter settings fixed it. I don't understand why stuff that it reports is not also reported elsewhere. So whoever has that same problem, try it out and report back! Anyway, the other PC accesses files on the NAS fine without needing to browse it first. I got a solution to work. I no longer have to type the. Also in Network and Internet via Ethernet adapter, its set to (Allow pc to be discoverable) on all pcs. Scottie's Lanscan will also work (it uses net view). If you're connecting a new drive, it'll probably look as if it wasn't … Today I am not able again to use my script for the drive mapping - "Systemerror 1231 - Networkaddress not reachable". I have a Terramaster on my iMac Dual boot. Instead, Windows detected the WD external HDD as a RAW drive and asked me to format the portable HDD before I can use it. Thanks GMTeacher, your registry solution worked! I could solve the problem by telling my NAS (which is Samba) to not overtake the master role by setting the following parameters in the smb.conf and restarting Samba afterwards: local master = no Afraid the only certain way of recovery the entries under 'Network', for me at least, is to restart the PC, which of course ideally one doesn't want to be constantly doing. My WD Passport Ultra 2TB external hard drive is not showing up in explorer when I plug it into the USB port in a "normal way". So i suspect either there is a bug in Win 10 that affects Lan Workgroups (and/or) maybe Domains too, or some sort of Win 10 update has happened that has affected this. I uninstalled all the network adapter drivers and let Win 10 reinstall them, but no better. Microsoft released a Cumulative update yesterday, and my Windows 10 PC now sees my NAS in the Network. The hunt for a permanent fix continues it would appear. You were expecting to see the drive icon on the desktop. Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP (as explained above by Forza Steve). It can be used in Windows 10/8/7. Thanks Prior to the Windows update, I had 3 things clicked (Bonjour - enabkle discovery; SSDP - enable windows discovery, and WS- Disovery - enable windows network discovery). I changed the base IP to the files have started syncing again. (I've attached screenshots here for your viewing) My external hard drive is WD My Passport 1TB. On the secondary computer, all three computers as well as Thanks. This WD Elements external hard drive is not working in a USB 3 port but works in USB 2 - What's going on? Funny thing - nothing worked for me until I went to Network and Sharing Center - Media streaming options and enabled the media streaming. When clicking the word NETWORK, the primary computer and the secondary show up in the right pane but the NAS shows up as OTHER DEVICE. If you want to be absolutely positive no other PC takes the Master Browser role you can set the value of WD External Hard Drive Automatic Backup in Windows7/8/10 Quick Fixes to WD Backup Not Working in Windows 10… I re-iterate that this is just a short term workaround, Computer Browsing for workgroups is history for Windows 10. In Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers. I'm not sure what processes that would involve. I'm in the process of disabling/re-enabling to see if that kick starts it and will update if I have any progress. To work around the issue involves setting one computer to be the Master Browser. There you will find "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support". nbtstat -A (which would be my NAS IP) shows me "Host not found", even though I have my NAS mounted on that same IP! I connect my hard-disk to new lap and it got detected as usual. D drive, I have to map the drive in Explorer for that to happen, shouldn't the two commands be the same? MaintainServerList from Auto to No on all other PCs in the Workgroup. I am in the same boat. 2. as I wrote earlier on, I used to have an IP of on my router... after trying literally everything written in this and other threads - I simply set the "base IP" to - there it was! Strangely the other PC has NO credentials for the NAS listed in credential manager, but has no issues browsing the drive. But if you have all win10 Here is a screenshot of a Windows 10 v1709 machine running in a NetBIOS SMB v1 workgroup with  Windows 7 and Windows XP and a network drive as master browser. Clean WD hard drive and create new partition. 3. Did your build number change? This time, it doesn't appear as simple. The NAS also shows up as OTHER DEVICE. Professional Photographers and videographers have their hands laid upon various digital devices. Installed Windows Updates again, but no change. I have the same problem with both local accounts and a Microsoft account. Then restart the computer Fixed... That is the official Microsoft recommendation. Before the major update for Windows 10, I could see my NAS and MYCLOUD devices under networks. I cant I created a shortcut, used the "\\{device name} and hit next. Backups continue to work, and of course, Network shows the Media server NAS elements, but the device itself was gone. I still also have some Win 7/8 pc's not upgraded to Win 10 as yet. Open Disk Management in Windows 10. I can go directly to the various NAS folders within file explorer, but cannot browse via the icon that is normally displayed. Sure wish I knew what it was. file structure. set in the registry. This is a great answer! None of the fixes listed above worked. for network discovery. Delete anything with ## in front of it. I remember master browser issues a few years ago when I managed a small nonprofit computer training school. I transferred about 300 GB of files onto it and it worked fine until just last night when it no longer showed up on 'My Computer' anymore. I've tried setting the LAN manager authentication level in group policy but SAME problem. If you really must have a browse list, and take the necessary precautions to avoid SMBv1 exploits (anti-virus up to date, don't open email attachments, don't install unknown .exe files etc) you can make Windows 10 v1709 behave in a legacy NetBIOS However, I may still be getting some useful effect from discovery for Homegroup too. I partially solved the problem for myself. SMB v1.0 does indeed have some real serious security issues. Used to show up in Windows 10. If I ever have an issue with disconnected drives or drives with red X's against them showing up. There's gotta be some other problem. This does not affect AD users, those businesses which need to or have the luxury of being able to invest in server hardware and software. Well I wish I were as easy to please. My WD Cloud wasn't showing up in File Explorer following the most recent Win 10 upgrade. Mine works on the LAN cable but not via WiFi. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. Visit Microsoft Q&A to post new questions. This means "let the Windows PCs do the job" and worked for me. Page 1 of 2 - Windows 10 will not assign a drive letter when connecting a USB Drive - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi, I have a very strange problem. Today there was nothing under 'Network' in File Explorer and it wasn't until I restarted the PC that the NAS drive and PC reappeared. An excellent description of my problem!! My NAS appeared as a network place right after I started my Surface for the first time using Win10, but after the initial Windows updates, it disappeared from the Network Places. Clearly a MS patch messed things up. Would be great if I could just see the Mycloud as a computer in file explorer. I installed a new PC (Intel NUC) yesterday. View the manual for the Western Digital WD Elements here, for free. SMB Which account are you logged into the PC with? All the other computers in my network are showing, but the NAS boxes have disappeared again. Sometimes a refresh of FE will show the laptop. But: None of those allow access to the NAS drives. Is this normal?? get it to show properly. Interestingly, I can freely access the shares using a mapped drive letter, and if I type the NAS name "\\FRNAS" into the address bar in Explorer it then shows on the list until I reboot. I really need your help to be able to move on with the new image. yet I can launch "command prompt here" in Explorer on it and it shows D:\ which looks to be a problem with mapping via explorer because if I map the drive using the command prompt I can browse to D: just fine.. but it doesn't show in Explorer as a After wasting time on the Seagate site, I finally found this and it worked like magic connecting my Seagate NAS. So what we need now is either a great little tool to browse our networks that doesn't rely on SMB 1.0 or an upgraded Computer Browser service. I'm running windows 10 Pro in a domain environment so I was starting to lean as that being the issue but Please let me know... net view /all  is still flakey IMO but File Explorer's Network view is better than it was. Still an Adventure ("Twisty passages, all different."). set in the registry. If you know of any great tools for browsing Workgroups that don't rely on the older protocols I'd be happy to hear from you. You can see your passport drive visible there. You rock man; crazy that in February of 2018, this is still an issue to be resolved. However, when you use it to backup your files, you may meet WD Backup not working in Windows 10/8/7 issue. If a 1703 PC is the Master Browser only that computer has Computer Browsing, if a non-1703 is the Master Browser all the non-1703 PCs have Computer Browsing. With 1703 I could run some tweaks and it was doing the job. Is there anybody out there, who actually has a working fix? No idea when it happened but I typically use this to access my other users files when needed. The "Other Devices" do include the DiskStation NAS listed in the right hand pane. I just purchased a new Western Digital … (The grip is an extra cost). Microsoft do not tell anyone about the funny things they do in updates nor does there system check to see what devices on your network need this. Assuming that the hard drive is installed properly, and is not, (by some horrible dumb luck) defective out of the gate, bringing it online is a very simple process. E.g. Excellent advice. their NAS devices with Windows 10. My 2tb wd elements was working fine in my previous lap. You’ve Plugged In And WD Elements Not Showing Up On Mac? NAS then appeared under the NETWORK branch. To do so, you first need to pull up the Windows Disk Management tool. All my device were in Network and one day I looked to see that most everything is gone. After I applied the update, they are no longer visible. Here are detailed steps: Warning: This way will erase all data on the WD external hard drive. True. Same problem with me too, both of my NAS devices were appearing before the last few updates now they are no where to be found in explorer, they are reachable using universal address, but not being listed in network devices anymore, both are Synology Nas Also, try to connect the drive to a USB port in the back of the computer, avoid using a USB hub. Usually, their arsenal includes a cutting-edge Windows 10 desktop, the latest and the magnificent MacBook Pro, DSLR & SD-Cards of-course and the trusted & loved external drives such as the WD My Passport.